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Lucas was prescribed Clomicalm, can't find it anywhere!

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Hello everyone:


I had to take Lucas to the vet because he is getting worse.  He won't stop pulling his hair, he just started pulling the hair off his tail.   He has tremors at night and he is so sad.


The homeopatic remedies aren't helping at all.  He prescribed Clomicalm (Clomipramine) 5mg, but I have to give Lucas a 2.5mg dose daily. The sad part is I can't find it anywhere, none of the vets have it and none of the pharmacies either.  Im desperate because he needs something now! I was reluctant to give Lucas antidepresants, but I have no choice, he needs it.

I tried to find it online and my only choice is a site from canada, but they take more that 14 days to ship the pills, and Lucas çan't wait that long. I also found a website on the US that had it, but they won't ship to PO Boxes.


I will keep looking to see if I can find it on some other website. If I can't find it I will have to go to the vet again to see if they can prescribed something else.  I just didn't want to give him prozac if there are better choices.



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I've used both. I found Prozac to be much better. It didn't take as long to kick in and it didn't sedate the cat as much as Clomicalm.  Just my experience. Did the vet not want to give Prozac, or was that your choice?

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The vet told me there were three good choices for Lucas, but that he wanted to try Clomicalm first.   but that if the Clomicalm didn't work the next choice would be the prozac. I will go there tomorrow to see what he says . 


Thank you so much for telling me about your experience. It helps so much to know.



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I was thinking about this in the shower this morning, always the place where I have ideas and I'm still stumped for a way to write them down while drenched! I suggest you keep a small notebook from the time Lucas begins medication. Changes are very slow and it can be months before you realize that he is a lot more sleepy, or less interested in attention, etc. Even one adored cat with one person. Day by day, the changes can be so minute that you accept them as the norm.  Just a thought. I know I had to have Taranis' Prozac dosage slightly reduced because she gradually slept more and more.

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Hi,thank you, I will do that, I will write down every change I see in Lucas, I've always done that ,I've  been writing everything since he started getting sick years ago.


I went to the vet this morning and they gave me a prescription for Prozac, the vet prescribed 5mg daily for now and he wants to see him again in 4 weeks to change the dose if necessary. 


I just want him to get better, changing the food hasn't helped, the prednisolone isn't helping his skin and he is just suffering so much, I can't stand to see him like this.  I know it will work slowly, but I hope it helps my boy soon.  He needs a break.



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