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LITTERBOX EXPRESSIONS....Have you seen this?

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Only my friend Laura has admitted that she sometimes watches her kitties when they're using the litterbox. Have you ever seen this? They get this cute little expression their faces, like "Look! I'm busy! Can I have some privacy please?!" or "What? Just because I come to the bathroom when you do this, you have to come and watch me?".

OK, I know this will probably make me sound strange, but that expression they get is just too cute!
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Ok, so I like never intentionally WATCHED my girls use the litterbox, but in my day to day routine I sometimes get a glimpse...just a fleeting glimpse mind you.

But while I'm "glimpsing" I have noticed an odd expression on their little furfaces, and Yes, they do look at me as if to say "Can I help you with something? No? Well then TAKE OFF!"

So, does that mean I'm strange too?

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No that's not strange. I watch mine almost everyday. That's b/c practically everytime I scoop it, Chloe jumps in it before I am done scooping. She likes her litterbox VERY clean so if she sees me scoop it, she is going to do her business so I can scoop that too! Then I have to stand there and wait on her while she circles around 8 times to find the perfect spot. Then she will cover it so perfect when I am going to scoop it!
But yes, I have noticed the look on their faces. They squint their eyes and concentrate very hard. I think it's cute!
:flower: :flower:
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When I see Jake use the litter box, he does have an expression. Its that "ahhhhhh!" look when he urinates. He's been waiting along time and when he does go, its a good feeling.
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Oh my gosh!!!!!! I am so glad you started this thread, Chuck!!! I thought maybe I was the only "think
it's cute to watch the expression on my cat's face when he does his thing" pervert out there!!!!!!!!!!! :laughing2:

Don't get me wrong....I don't PURPOSELY stand there and wait for him to use the litterbox so I can watch....geesh....I'm not THAT much of a pervert!

Anyway....on with my post...

I have one of those litter pans that has a big dome lid attached, with a little door cut out, so the cat can climb in and do his business and you can't actually see it, and he feels like he has more privacy...( I guess)

Anyway....it is in my bedroom....in front of the closet...so many mornings, I get woke up by that......scratch, scratch, scratch...LOL

Anyway, the point is...(besides that I have said "anyway" too much tonight)...


Anyway....I have on several, (accidental) occassions watched Merlin go into his little covered litterpan.....scratch like crazy....which is only annoying when I am trying to sleep, turn around....and then the ABSOLUTE cutest thing I have EVER seen...is when he sticks his head out of the door of the covered litterpan,) after scratching like a madman)....
Sticks his head out the door....(of his litter-home...lol) does this actual audible sigh....squints his eyes real tight....blinks....looks at me.. "you still watchin'? Geez...get a life!" Then does his thing!!!!
So call me a pervert if you want...but that is SO cute!!!!!

And Chloe... I know what you mean about the clean litterpans being so attractive.... Merlin csn be clear in another room...but let me touch his litterpan..even to clean it...oh boy! Here he comes!! And folows me to the back porch, where I scoop it into the trash, add new litter, snap the top back on, start carrying it back into the house...and in he jumps!!!!!! Everytime!!!
So then I have to carry a litterpan with cat looking out the door at me, back into the bedroom (have you any idea how heavy that is? )
Then he procedes to do his business....squinty eyes and all, scratches like forever...then walks out...looks at me like..that'll teach ya to clean the pan before I say so" and struts off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CATS!!! Gotta luv 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well I reckon that every kitty owner sees their babies doing thier thing at least a few times. mine well they also have a cute face on. Bagpuss - the lady of them both kinda looks at you with a horrified look of I am a lady and you are watching me buzz off and she turns her back to you and faces the wall so she does not have to look at your face. Jake on the other hand concentrates squints his eyes and i am sure after he is done he smiles!:tounge2:
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