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Hey guys,
I was wondering, how do I clip Boo Boo's nails. I truly don't want to have him declawed, but when I tried to clip his nails, he almost pee peed on himself out of fear. Have any suggestions on how to clip them safetly for him and me?
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I'd say slowly and gradually. Start when he's calm, even sleepy and clip just one nail. Praise him as he wakes up and noticed what you've done and even give him a treat.

Don't clip more than one claw during the first time. The next day do the same thing to the next claw and so on. With time, he should be getting used to this and will probably let you clip more claws every time.
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Yeah, some cats just don't like it at all. It can take months to get them to accept that it needs to be done. When you start them as kittens, they tend to go into that dead sleep and you can do anything you want. I started my 4 year old out too late. For years, I would just take him to the groomer once a month to do it. Now I just have my husband clip while I hold and talk to him. He still doesnt like it, but wont pee on me. Just remember to treat him after a nail and tell him what a good boy he is.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely try them out.
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I started my younger cat as a kitten and have no problems with him at all. The older cat is a different story. I, too, waited until he was about 3, and he hates it! For awhile i had a friend hold him while I did the "dirty deed". Even that became unbearable. Now I have him sit on my lap and do however many he will tolerate, with TONS of praising for each claw clipped and a treat when he's done (even if it was only 1). It takes a few days, but Squirt is much calmer this way.
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My cat loves his claws to be cut.
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Hi, I'm a new member too. I have 4 cats, three of
whom don't mind the nail trim at all, but my pshycho
cat that is scared of his own shadow is just not even
willing to sit on my lap for one claw, never mind one claw a day.
Of course, he is the one with the longest claws and the one
who uses his paws like hands. I do not want to declaw him
since he is so nuts already(and this is so inhumane), but he really hurts me a lot without intending to, so I am thinking about tranquilizers.
Surely it is more traumatic to haul him to the groomer for trims, especially for me trying to catch him. Of cooourse, he his a dream at the groomers and they love him and don't understand why I can't do his nails myself. But after the groomer, he hides for 3 weeks under the bed and only eats while I'm at work. Help I am scared for life. AnaMarie

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The reason they dont act up at the groomers is they are scared. I have one cat who does this too. It took some time, but I finally just got my hubby to help and one holds while the other trims. Before you go to tranqulizers, you may want to try one of the natural relaxers at the pet store.
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start when they are young. I would get buka on the bathroom sink and pet him and kiss him until he was perring up a storm and then I would cut one hand and give him a treat, tell him he was a good kitty. In a month he would let me clip his nails no problem. Always give them a treat after your done. You can train them to do anything with a treat.
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