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Who feeds Blue Buffalo?

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My cats were previously on 4health but I had to return it due to the voluntary recall. I picked up a 7lb bag of Blue Buffalo Adult Indoor Health. 1 cup = 478 cal/cup, they both will be getting 1/2 a cup per day, a total of 1 full cup split between them. Does anyone know how long the 7lb bag will last?

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First, let me start off by saying I don't know how long a 7 lb bag of Blue Buffalo cat food will last for two cats.


I have one cat and he likes two brands of dry cat food kibble. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck (40% protein) and Innova Prime Chicken & Turkey (42% protein). My cat is almost a month shy of being 15 years old. He's always loved dry kibble and won't eat raw or wet food. He does have one quirk. He doesn't like stale dry cat food. If his dry food gets stale, he won't eat it. This is why I buy the 2 lb bags for him. He'll finish it before it goes stale. BTW, his old dry cat food was only 28% protein and he ate 1/2 cup a day of it. It was also a 2 lb bag and it lasted two weeks.


He's strickly an indoor cat. He doesn't go outside. During the last year I noticed he'd been losing weight. He started looking skinny. His weight dropped from 13 lbs to 10 1/2 lbs. This alarmed me. I took him to my vet and she said he's sleeping more because of his age and since he's sleeping more, he eats less because he's not as active as he once was. She said he needs more protein because he's not eating his usual 1/2 cup of his 28% protein food. This is why I went to the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck and Innova Prime Chicken & Turkey. He eats 1/4 to 1/3 cup of dry food a day now. He's been on these two brands since January 3rd of this year.  


I did my research and tried the Blue Buffalo and Innova Prime grain free on him and he loved it. I switch off every other bag so he doesn't get tired eating the same flavor month in and month out. Even though he's only eating 1/4 to 1/3 cup of food a day, he's now back to his original 13 lb weight. He plays with his toys and is a more active although he does like a 3 hour nap during the daytime. And he looks "solid".

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In case anyone's interested, I used an 8 ounce measuring cup and scooped out food cup by cup into my vittles vault. I came out with 37 cups. So, assuming I did that correctly, 7 pounds should last well through a month.

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I feed my two babies the Blue buffalo wilderness varieties and they love the stuff. I buy the 5Lb bag and it lasts them a month.

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My 3 get Blue Buffalo Wilderness in addition to canned and a 12 lb bag lasts us about 8-10 weeks.

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I never heard or read anywhere 7 pounds of Blue Buffalo takes more or less time than 7 pounds of something else to be used up. Regardless of who makes your cat's kibbles, 7 pounds is 7 pounds.


I have one old cat. She eats Blue Buffalo Mature. I don't think about how long it takes her to eat the whole 7 pounds of kibble.

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Of course. Courtney was just wondering how long a 7-lb bag would last her cats. Most dry foods recommend between 1/2 cup and 3/4 cup per cat, so the recommended feeding amount and how much the cats actually need would impact how long a 7 pound bag lasts. I just don't think she'd ever purchased a 7 pound bag before. smile.gif
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We have three big cats and we have used the 7 pound bag and it lasted them about a week but I also keep their dishes filled I only have to put food in once a day
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Originally Posted by EmilyMayWilcha View Post

I never heard or read anywhere 7 pounds of Blue Buffalo takes more or less time than 7 pounds of something else to be used up. Regardless of who makes your cat's kibbles, 7 pounds is 7 pounds.



I understand your thought process, however, a food with a higher proportion of meat (like a good Grain Free such as Buffalo Wilderness)

will last longer than a brand with less meat, as the Kitties don't have to eat as much.

In fact, some brands (Buffalo for example) will even tell you on the bag that you should not feed as much as you would feed a brand that includes grains.   rub.gif

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I feed Blue Wilderness, have for 5 yrs.  They get wet in the morn, and dry at night.  A 2 lb bag, lasts me one week, and believe me, they ain't thin, lol, I wouldn't want any more weight on them, lol.  They get 1/2 3.0 can and 1/8 cup.  


When feeding a good quality grain free food, one will find, you feed much less of it. The guide on the bag, is just that, a guide, its a place to start, and you adjust up or down.  You also have to look at the kcal, and what your cats activity level is and what their metabalim is, and their age/requirements. Then you have to look at the fat and protein %'s.  Each kitty is different, as is each human.


It also depends, on which Blue product you feed, Blue Spa has grains, Blue Wilderness does not, some have higher fat and protein %'s.


Blue Wilderness is the highest in fat and protein %'s, mine are show cats, they need it, for what they do and their exposure.


As far as how long a 7 lb bag will last, depends, on how much you are feeding per day.  


Most who feed it, and sorry, should mention, mine are sched fed, not free fed, find that feeding 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup per day, is too much.  Take your cat, and the bag to the vet. He/she can look at the kcal, and your cat's weight, and figure out, how much they should be fed, per day. Thats what I did, thats what my vet figured out, she was spot on, every time I take them in, she says, their weight is good.  


Kinda an old post, but just saw it, someone reserected it, lol, and I wasn't on here, when it started, lol.  wavey.gif  wave2.gif  highfive.gif  

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I have 3 large cats, 2 males 1 female. They all eat blue buffalo and anything grain free. They are almost 3 and one has just started peeing on the floor by the cat box. I've read tonight some of the forum talks and i'm gonna put more litter boxes out, try some wet food,yuck, and see what happens,.He pee in my bed the other night which I wasn't to happy about but I didn't scold him as I really didn't know what had happen.

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7lbs will last around 1month if I counted that right

This is what you can do to accurately count days take a container big enough to hold all to food take a 1cup messering cup scoop scoop the food out with the cup into the othe container and count each cup tell bag is empty then you will now the accaract amount I did it once with a7lbs bag it was 34cups I think but dry is different from other drys
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I fed my cats Blue Buffalo for four years but have now switched to Nature's Variety instinct.
Anyway with 3 cats I had to buy the biggest bags of blue. I think it's 14 or 15 pound bags and had to buy it every other month.
Nature's Variety doesn't make them quite as big and although I think I prefer the freeze dried raw coating on the dry kibble is much better for my cats and they love it but now I have to get the biggest bag of NV every month. But I think it's worth it to keep my feline companions around for as long as possible. Both brands are great though and blue does have the grain free wilderness but no raws freeze dried or otherwise. But holistic blue and all natural freeze dried raw grain free should do a great job of keeping our critters around for a very long time.
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