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Pregnant cat with heat symptoms?

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Hi guys,


I see your nice forum and would like to ask for advice.  I fostered in the past for about 5 years so I have experience with preg queens.  Anyhow, I have 3 young kids, 1 dog, and 1 cat now so I thought I would wait til the kids are older to foster again but this kitty fell into my lap so to speak.  

I found her (dilute calico medium hair) in the park next to my house and she followed us home. Vet check was good, she is malnourished but ok, vet is fairly certain she is preggy because her teats are sticking out and she thought she could feel a couple fetuses.  She is maybe about 4 weeks along. 

Introduction to the other pets has gone very well, never had a cat that gets along with everyone this well, she was cuddling with the other cat 2 hours after meeting him and follows the dog around all day rubbing against her.  I definitely want to keep this cat. 

Anyhow, she is very thin with no tummy at all, her sides actually go inward.  She displays some some symptoms of heat such as sticking her butt in the air and treading legs when dog sniffs her and rolling around on the floor a lot.  Has anyone ever had a preg queen that acts like she is in heat or does this mean she is not pregnant?  Could a cat have a miscarriage without anyone noticing it?


p.s.- I thought about spaying her but morally can't do it.  I will find homes for the kittens, I still have support from shelters if I need to use it. Thanks.

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I have a cat who I believe is far into her pregnancy, and she sometimes have acted like she was in heat... Walking around rubbing up against things, and laying down with her butt up in the air. Just like she does when she is actually in heat... She hasn't done the "call" but everything else. But in your case, hard to tell if she is actually pregnant or not, I guess just wait a week or so and see if she gets bigger on her sides. Good luck smile.gif keep us posted!
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She may be in heat.  It is a not so wellknown fact, but cats CAN have two entirely different litters [at the same time simultaneously], and deliver them several weeks apart, both fulltime and both healthy. Not common but not very unique either.


Tx for caring!


Welcome to the Forums!


Good luck!

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She could have reabsorbed them without you knowing.


I also have a (breeder) friend who's queen appeared to be in heat during her pregnancy and went on to deliver her babies on time. 


Keep in mind if she is pregnant her demeanour might change after birth, pregnant girls are often very cosy and smoochy.

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Thanks guys.

I felt her gently tonight while she was laying on her side and there is definitely a mass in there, just feels like maybe one kitten, but who knows. 


Yep, I am expecting her to not be as affectionate with the other animals after she gives birth.  We will see how things go, but my gut says that it will work out ok. 

I caught her diggin in my closet and under the bed tonight so that's a good clue... unless she has a false pregnancy, but I'm still pretty sure I felt something in there.  Ahh... now the waiting game, so difficult to be patient. 

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AHHH!!!! Tell me about it! I hate the waiting game lol I've only been on this site for a little over two weeks I believe, just for my cats pregnancy and it feels way longer! But I expect her to go into labor within this week... Hoping anyway! I was just watching her and giggling at her earlier, with her bull legged and wobbly walk, and big belly, it's too cute! Please keep us updated on your kitty smile.gif
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Some pics.  Her nipples look preggy to me, what do you think?  She is still so tiny but she is gaining some weight now. 

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She is so petite and pretty!!!!!! biggrin.gif her nipples look like she could be... Guess just give it a week or so and see if she and they get bigger... Sorry I'm not much help! Lol.
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Guys, I am so confused.  This cat is so small without any protruding tummy but now she is nesting like crazy all day and following me around crying all day.  I can feel the firmness of her abdomen and know there must be kittens in there but why is she nesting?  She can't possibly be that far along?  The vet wasn't much help other than saying that she thought she was pregnant and she offerred no guess as to how far along. Have you ever had a cat nest early on in pregnancy?

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Some will nest early, each cat is different
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Most definitely felt a kitten moving around a lot in there last night.  She likes to push her nesting box over and squeeze behind my dresses to nest. 

I had a lady respond to my lost cat ad on the humane society website and it made me realize how much I'm attached to her already (turned out it was not her cat though)!

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