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Doesn't seem..

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.. That there's much hope for my adorable Sophie cat(11 months) she's the one that was having peeing problems(cystis) well this normally clears up in 2 weeks but she has had it continuesly now for for two months- she will sit in the tray for hours on end straining, we have tried every sort of anti-biotic & herbal remidies and it's so stressful, she's not growing compared to her calico sister Holly!!! we have big plates of cat food on the floor and soph wont go and eat it, we must give her , her own bowl and she will just pick at it, she's loosing weight, she's one beautiful girl in personailty and type- I don't wanna loose her!

Please Hope & Pray sophie will be okay, also any advice or tips greatly appreciated.

many thanks.

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Oh no!

Sending out positive energy to Sophie.

Is there any chance that you can be referred to a specialist?
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Is it even feasible that surgery is an option?
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We will do absolutely anything for Sophie- She will be alright shes just in a bad way.

I don't think we will be breeding from her as valuable as her lines are , we wont to give her the best possible life.

Surgery for what? The vets are saying it's cystitis but it doesn't last this long- She has been to the vet too amny times it's to stressful- they try and take samples and then don't get them and it's such a hassle and every time the vets stuff up its our money

I don't think she will die- She's a happy cat just loosing weight from this "cystis"- I'm angry at the vet even though she's nanas best friend- they say they can't do anything for her- the pills she had made her choke and nearly killed her.

Thanks Mags for the vibes we need all the magick we can get.
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Sending healthy vibes to sweet Sophie across the oceans Sam.
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Take her to a different vet and get a second opinion!!

Surgery is often the last option for cystitis, especially in cases where the cat has an ongoing problem and starts to lose weight.

But please, take her to a different vet.
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Thanks Mags & Heidi.

I'll take her to a different vet- The second best vet around(we have about 15 near us) is about 20 minutes away.

I'll ask mum to make an appointment.
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Sending out lots more positive energy.
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Sorry about Sophie I suggest another vet as well.
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I have been talking to mum & nana.

Nana said 'Sophie's mum , Skiffie had the same problem when she was younger and she has the same thinning of the hips.

Mum said we have already spent over $500- at the top vet in Wellington, I trust her she said.

BTW- Sophie is on a special diet for this.

SO it sounds as though Soph is going to be okay TG but I don't like seeing her in pain.

prayers for my lil girl

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Oh poor baby...
I wish i knew how to do distance reiki... But i don't yet.

You know, i know i always harp on about reiki but along with taking her to another vet for a second opinion maybe you could get her some time with a reiki therapist.
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I know how you feel about not wanting to see them in hurts you too. Sending lots of ((((healing vibes)))) your way!
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Thanks- Shes looking at me with her 'Munchkin' body
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Oh, Sam, I'm sorry to hear that! Sending get well vibes to Sophie! I hope everything works out! (((HUGS)))
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Oh Sam...I just saw this I will pray that Sophie will get well. I know that you hate to see her in pain

{{{{{{Healing vibes for Sophie and Hugs for you}}}}}}}
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oh sam i am so sorry to hear about your kitty, but i had a friend that had a cat with that problem and the vet did surgery on the cat and it helped it get better., something to do with the tubes. i sure she gets better real soon, i feel bad for her
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Thanks.. I'll keep ya'll updated!
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Hey, Sam, sorry to hear about Sophie. I have nothing to add to the advice, but lotsa good vibes.
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