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I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and a bit giddy.

I've made a breakthrough with a feral tom. In the weeks, possibly a month of vanishing from the forums, I decided to leave food out at a particular time of night and after much guesswork, discovered how much food was only required for this tom. It's only half a up of dry food so he must obviously get food from elsewhere since he is a big boy.

And after thorough observation, he uses my backyard as a sanctuary during the night sleeping under the tree or at times in the tree. So that made it impossible to go back out and take food back in as it would cause him to run off down the street and that would inevitably lead to cat fights that night. (Though this was determined by statistical analysis of my notes jotted down.)

This led to the guesswork of how much food to leave out for this one tom. After a few nights, I arrived to half a cup of whatever dry food I have bought my two indoor kitties.

Though last night was my breakthrough. As always, he'd watch from the neighbour's roof just looking over the peak of the roof as I placed his food out. Though this time as I got to the back door he was at the food. So I instantly crouched and looked at him, careful not to make eye contact. Then he appraoched me! I gave him a pat and he purred. I was positively happy and continued petting, then he bit me. I wasn't angry at him though, but at me for forgetting all about overstimulating the little guy. I did let out an OW! He backed off for a few minutes and went back to sniff at his food. He came back to me and I let him sniff my now injured hand. He meowed and I gave hima few more pats and let him be.

Then I went inside with Russell and Esper looking at me both saying quite adamantly, "You CANNOT let him in this house. Yard, yes. House NO!" I washed my hands thoroughly with antiseptic wash. It stung but I was too happy to care. I won't bring him into the house, I can tell that from his bahaviour and demeanor. He's certainly not a house kitty.

Oh and I've named him the Caped Crusader. His markings make him look like he's wearing a cape as he moves.
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Mags that is fantastic! Good for you, and good for the Caped Crusader.
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Mags that is amazing that he let you pet him! Not so amazing that he bit you though! Go easy with him, let him make the moves and don't get bit again, feral cat bites are nothing to sneeze at!
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*still beaming*
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*and throbbing*
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Oh Mags, that's terrific! (Not the bite, of course ) It can take a while for them to be able to handle much love. Tuxedo has lived inside with us since March or April now, and last night was the first time he slept on the bed curled up next to Gary's leg. He can always handle a few pets. Fortunately, when Tuxedo is overstimulated, he bites - but not hard enough to hurt.


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