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Good deed of the day

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I'd like to hear everyone's good deed for the day! Post something here that you are proud of each day!

My good deed of the day: Found a half blind, deaf dog in my garage this morning with no collar. He was well fed so I had to believe he just wandered away from home and couldn't find his way back. Drove around the neighborhood for 2 hours banging on doors trying to find its owner and finally found them about a mile down the road.
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I am so glad you found his humans for him!!!

We went to the SPCA and updated the petfinder website with new arrivals and adoptions. We go twice a week (more often if there is a high population or rapid turnover of animals) to do this.
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That's a good deed!

Well I kinda haven't left the house today.

But I have helped mum with her job, steam cleaned and vacuumed the house and cooked food!
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I just signed up my younger brother for a vegetarian starter it, from peta.
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I just got my daughter and grandchildren settled in where they have left an abusive realationship
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Tutored a group of students in their final year of high school chemistry for free.
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I just got back from a 700 mile trip to pack my sister's gazillion collectibles while she is in the hospital, and will be moved into a new house before she gets out. I had not spoken to her for several years before that, and may not ever speak to her again.
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KrazyKat2....Why, if I may ask, may you not speak to her again??? Just b/c she has too many collectibles and after moving them all for her you just don't want to?? lol Or is there an underlying reason? You don't have to say what it is unless you want to.....

My good deed for the day was not freaking out at work at this guy that does absolutely nothing! And when he does do something, it is only half done so you have to go back and do it all over again. Thank goodness tonite was his last nite!!! Yay! Can we have a party???? lol
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GREAT thread here!

I have been feeding my good friend's cats for the weekend while she and her hubby were in AZ. Before they left on Thurs, there was a big storm and electricity/power went off and the power has not been on for at least 3 days! She's pregnant and will give birth in Dec so I decided to clean her ref out so she won't have to deal with that since I know it's easy for her to vomit if she smells anything bad. After I cleaned her ref out, I decided to clean her house!!
That tooke a good 4 hours of my day but it was worth it..
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There has been an on going feud between us for years. She is a sadistic, hateful, greedy person that only uses people for her own gain. My daughter would have had to do all the packing herself, and was overwhelmed, and asked me to please talk to my sister. I visited her in the hospital and we talked, and when I got back and started packing the house, I found out that she had played me and lied to me and my daughter to get me down there. There were things that belonged to me since I was a kid, (this was the house we grew up in, she lied to get it all to herself) and when I found them, they had yard sale tags on them. The only reason she told me where they were was because no one bought them. I was outraged, but left it alone. There was a ring she had stolen from me and given away. The woman she gave it to died recently, and I found it when packing some things that she had left my sister. It was mine, so I took it back.
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I'm sorry your sister is like that. I so would have taken all my stuff, and maybe some of hers too, if I'd gotten the chance! When we all lived together when we were younger (school age), my sister used to take my stuff too, so I'd steal it back. Then she would get all mad at me. But I was like it's my stuff, get your own. I'm sorry you won't get all your stuff back, but at least you got some of it!
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well this is from Saturday, and it's more being a good facilitator than anything else...my breed rescue group got an e-mail, a person two states from me found a dirty, hungry American Curl hiding in their garage. They couldn't keep him and needed to place him within a day or two.

I spent time online looking for a no-kill shelter or all-breed rescue group in their city, and wrote a foster person who'd offered to help with a previous rescue, asking if they had any ideas or could help.

The person who'd previously offered to help by fostering for our group sometime, came through wonderfully, and the Curl was picked up Sunday! Lucky Curl to have run into a kind person's garage, and lucky Curl that there are such foster angels about.

I ended up feeling as if it counted a bit as a good deed for me too <G>. He "may" have a home, but if not, he'll be having his photo posted on our site - he'a seal point and white, shorthair Curl.
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That was a good deed indeed!

My minor GDOTD: Found the neighbor who lost his bass boat in the tornado in early May and pointed it out to him hanging from the trees in our neighbor's woods. It was totaled but he was completely perplexed where his boat flew off to.
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