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Not 2, but 3 new kitties today (we're nuts)

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We picked up Dakota and Sage today, and my husband Steve saw the older cat that I was eye-balling last week. An eight year old Manx that was run over by a four-wheeler. The owners wanted to put her down and the vet talked them into giving her over to HELP Humane. After many surgeries, they have fostered her for a year with no takers. We took over fostering her, hoping that we can acclimate her to our full household and then of course adopt her. She walks like a typical Manx with a bum hip.

Here is Minky, with pics of Dakota and Sage to follow:
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Dakota and Sage are doing great so far. Have introduced them briefly to Stumpy (alpha male), and he sniffed then licked them. Scarlett played "kitty in a box" game with Dakota.

Here is Dakota (about 4-1/2 months old)
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Aww you guys are a pair of to adopt her! She looks like a very pretty girl!!!!

Wow three new cats at once, that must be a circus!
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Here is brother Sage:
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What handsome guys Dakota and Sage are!

May your three new kitties have long, happy and healthy lives with you!
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Look at that spotted tummy!!!!!

Minky is really pretty. I hope she can find the purrfect home with your help.

Sounds like everyone is blending into your household very well.
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Oh They are so sweet.

Thanks for rescuing them, I wish them good health
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Wow.. see. how do you get more cats with so many others? Do they get along?

They are so cute.. I love the gray tabbies
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wow dakota and sage look the SAME as marble! How cute!!!
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You guys are so sweet , taking all 3 cats in And they are all 3 sooo cute
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Wow.. see. how do you get more cats with so many others? Do they get along?
I can't ask for better cats! The kittens already have free roam of the house (as of this morning). The only hissing that is going on is from Koko (2 weeks older than Sage and Dakota) towards the kittens. And the only reason she is doing it appears to be jealousy - she is already settling down now that she realizes that they are all about "play". The other cats are all trying to play with them, and many are grooming them. The older our cats are, the more indifferent they are to the situation - they've seen this all before.

Minky will be more of a challenge. She is in a spare bedroom and I slept with her last night - what a wonderful girl she is. We will go more slowly with her introductions as she is an adult and will be more threatening to everyone. I've got the vanilla extract ready to go. I will be moving her to a more central room today where she can get closer to the sites, sounds and smells of the house.

I love my guys - they are so understanding!
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What a great job you're doing with them! Mmmm... vanilla..... hey, works on this human too Did I mention I'm green with envy? They're so puuurty!
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Dakota and Sage have had a great day romping free. Koko is still a bit put out, but Muddy is having a large time playing with Dakota on the cat tree. Eight-ball loves the little guys already.

Minky is definitely an "up off the floor - give me a soft place to sleep on" cat. She is also the most head-buttinest cat that we've had since our last Manx. We joked last night that she is going to give us bruised shins and bloody noses with her head butts. Well, guess what? She came up to me in bed last night and did the full head mash into my nose - yep, she gave me the first bloody nose and this less than 24 hours in the house. We've started the cats on the vanilla extract treatment.....

Here is the already famous Minky head-butt in action:
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awwwww how cute
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Minky reminds me of my Grandma's rainbow bridge kitty Tinker.
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