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Stop Cat's Bad Behavior

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How do I stop my cat's bad behavior. My cat is 7 years old and she does not have a urinary track infection. She has ruined our new leather furniture, wood panel in the house, etc. She also urinates and make bowel movements on the floor outside her clean litter box which is located in a open room.  There are no other cats. We do have a dog whom she has gotten along with for many years.  I have tried alot of things for many years to get her to stop, such as "cat no, spray", which does not work; spanking, which does not work, buy cat toy, catnip, and several scratching posts. which also does not work. I did buy the Comfort Zone plugins, which work, but when its gone, the bad behavior returns. I don't want to buy the plugins for the rest of the cats life. Please help or I am going to have to resort to drastic measure, such as get it of the cat. 

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Sometimes it's as simple as more boxes or different litter.

I'm so sorry you're having these problems. frown.gif Have you read through this thread, with so many helpful ideas to try?
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This is why a lot of cats are turned into shelters.  Litter box issues.  Your kitty is either very stressed and scared or very sick. I do not recommend spanking.  Any form of physical discipline is not good.  That is abuse.  Even if you may not see it as such.  He/she does not understand why you are angry even if you think they do.  It only stresses them out further and it scares them... Plus, you can really hurt a cat not meaning to.  Please do not do this any longer. 


Have they been to the vet at all over this issue?  If you have, and you've been dealing with this for years as you say... I would suggest getting a second opinion or seeking a behavior specialist. There are medications that can help.  The thing is, if he/she does need medication, they will most likely have to be on them the rest of their life and they are probably going to be more expensive than the comfort zone. 


Have you tried the calming collar?  It works in the same way as comfort zone except it is a little less expensive and it's on the cats neck 24/7 and it is effective about 6 weeks at a time. 

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Thank you all for the suggests, I will try both of them...different litter and the collar. 

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I also failed to mention that I have an enclosed litter box. I will take the top off and see what happens. 

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You might also add another litter box.  Some cats like to have 2 on hand.  wink.gif

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"clean litter box which is located in a open room."


Has the litter box always been in this location?  Maybe she wants more privacy.  My cats have three litterboxes and they all prefer the one that's in a corner, behind a door, where nobody can see them, rather than right out in the open.

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