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was it love at first site????

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When you ment your kitty (or kitties) for the very first time, was it love at first site?

For me it was love at first site with all of them except Marble and blizzy. They grew on me

With my husband he was love at first site with everyone except sebastian, who is now his "cuddle bunny" When we first saw sebastian he would not even let my hubby hold him, but after one day of being home he decided that he loves him Now sebastian always cuddles up and takes a nap with him and follows him around the house!
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I have a few cats but it wasn't love at first site when I got Yogi.. but he grew on me and now I wouldn't be able to live without him.

It wasn't love at first site for Loonie- when she came here from Aus. she bit me and scratched me but now she's the sweetest thing.

It WAS love at first site for Elmo- Loonies Son- He was born in my room and I knew he was going to be mine.

It was love at first site with Holly but not for Soph.

.... that's enough stories!
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With Midnight, Lilith, Lil's kittens, Khepera and Romeo, yes. The others took a little bit (very little! LOL!) to grow on me.

For Tybalt, it was with Coal, who decided to bond with me instead, talk about adding insult to injury LOL. With him and Sasha, it was a mutual love at first sight.
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Diesel was love at first sight...
He ran right up about twelve steps and into the restaurant we were eating in and practically jumped into my fiancees arms... Naturally we took him home, the funny thing was that a whole two hours earlier while walking from the car to the restaurant we had seen the very same kitten almost get hit by a car and then disappear into a drain...
It was absolute fate that he found us 200 meters away from when we first saw him and two hours later...

Bobbie was love at first sight...

I met bobbie at the pound. We were kitten hunting and i saw this one little dark tabby asleep in a perch box all by herself and thought: what about this one? but we didn't take her at first... we looked at all the other cats and then finally the pound guy suggested the little dark tabby... when we brought her home she was SO sick but we nursed her back to health and now about a year later... she's FAT and FLUFFY just the way a cat should be...

Nikkie was love at first sight, but she got the cat flu and passed away a week after we got her from the shelter...

Zooey was surprise at first sight...
The morning after Nikkie died, valentines day, some friends dropped off a kitten in a shoe box... I don't know who was more shocked when i opened the box, me or Zooey! But is was definetly love at first sight!

Mythie was DEFINETLY love a first sight. The moment i went to touch her she came right up to me and put her head in my hands, closed her eyes and started purring....

I really really ADORE my cats... Words can not express how much...
I mean when i think about how much i love them all put together my heart feels like it's going to burst!
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I'll tell my stories With neo & moemoe it was SUPER love, they was so tiny and so helpless. Snowwhite took such a long time to get to know her but as soon as I saw her I loved her. Ashton, Lilly & sherbert I loved as soon as i saw there little faces! Then Nimby & Stormy where just perfect. Blizzy was the runt and I was worried about her so I tried not to get attached. Granet was just so pretty, marble looked kind of funny to me but after filling out I loved him. Sebastion I totally feel in love with. Trinity I thought I would be able to give her up but she is the missing piece to my matrix puzzle
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Ophelia was definitely love at first sight. But after hearing her crying for almost 6 hours before she poked her little baby head through the hole we had cut in the wall, I was also so relieved that she was finally going to be safe with us.

Trent was love at second sight. I mean, I loved him when we first really looked at him, but I wasn't sure. When we came back to him and he made such a fuss when we looked at another kitten, I knew he had already chosen us.

Funny thing is, Ophelia was definitely love at first sight for me, Trent was love at first sight for Earl. Now, Ophelia is Daddy's girl and Trent is Mommy's boy!
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With Ivo, it was definately love at first sight. Here was this dirty, thin, abcessed, broken-toothed almost kitten who had obviously been living rough hanging around outside my apartment building. And despite everything she must have been through, she crawled into my lap and fell asleep in my hands. I knew right then she had stolen my heart.

After those first few days, she became more reserved, once she figured out that I wasn't going to kick her out (and taking her to the vet's didn't help much, I'm sure). But recently, she's gotten so much more affectionate and snuggly, and it's now love at second (and third and...) sight.
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When I went to the breeders to pick my kitty, my Daughter in-law and little Granddaughter went with me. We had two Kitty's to choose from.
I liked both of them, they looked alike except mine was fuzzy and the other one was very sleek. I could not decide so I let my Granddaughter pick, she picked the one that sat in her lap, and purred. He does not do that now(lol) the only time you can hold him is when he is worn out, and then he will sit beside you not on your lap.
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When my boss called me on a Saturday morning to meet him and his wife at a local truck stop, I had know idea what Sammycat looked like at all. As soon as I saw that tiny little bundle of hissing and spitting black fuzz ball I knew that I was in love

It was also at first site when my hubby found Oscar and brought him home. We really didn't think Oscar would live through the night. He was injured in his left eye and so skinny and weak that you could see every bone in his tiny little body. It broke my heart to think he might not live but I took over and with lots of TLC and food he is now a big ole Tom kitty.
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with roxy OMG it was love at first sight like no other.. he was all skin and bones and way too small in proportion to his head and he smelled kinda weird, but I just couldn't resist him.

With my old rainbow bridge cat cuddles it was love at first site, and with snuggles, blackie, marty, and callie.. But some of them I never really felt bonded to, like Theresa, Gray Baby, and the tabbies.. I think they are kinda like people, some you are naturally attracted to and some not, for no reason..
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I don't know if I should admit this here, but before I met Spike, I wasn't even a fan of cats... at all. He was an offspring of an outdoor cat near a friend's house who I was visiting. When I saw him and his siblings I thought they were cute and all... kittens ARE cute in general. Then I heard that the poor little things weren't fed often and had kids hitting them with sticks and throwing rocks at them. When I lifted Spike up and he fell asleep in my arms, he really picked me. And I think I would say it was love at first site.
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Yep for me it was! Zoey was just too gorgeous and head bonky. I couldnt believe she was in a shelter.
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I got Russell for my 21st birthday. I had to pick between him and his brother. I picked Russell as he was really interested in me and really loving being in my arms so he came home with me. He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tiny. Now he's a big boy.

Esper was at the vet and needed a home. I went straight over and said to my other half, "She's coming home with us." It only took a week of convincing.
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I adopted Sam without even seeing him first - I heard about him from someone who volunteered at the kennel where he had been left, and she said, we have lots of kittens, but they have no trouble finding homes. We need a home for an older cat. So I took him. He ran out of the carrier, rolled on the floor, ate some food, had a drink, then used the litter box. I felt honoured. Now I miss him if he is in another room.

Bailey just ugged at my heartstrings. She was at PetsMart, had been found a stray, pregnant, and was fostered until her babies were ready for adoption. Now they were all placed (all 10 of them!) and mommy cat was looking for a new home. She looked at me with her big amber eyes, and I was hooked. There were lots of lovely cats there that day, but she picked me. They took her out of the cage, she wrapped her paws around my neck, snuggled into my shoulder and started purring.

I found her the day after my Mother's funeral, and she has been my special comfort.
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It was love at first sight with all four of my boys. They were all adopted as chubby, innocent little kittens and I couldn't resist!! They have all grown up to be very sweet, head bonky little men.

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With Morgan, yes. Absolutely I knew he was the one for me and my daughter. Abby was with him in the shelter and for her its taken me some time. Shes a bit of a sassy cat and scratches a bit. She does like lovin's on her time though, which has made me very fond of her. But Morgan is my little love
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It was definetly love at first site with Sphinx. He had the 'puppy sad eyes' in a cage in the local shelter. I just couldn't help it. He came home with me the same day (since he was already neutered - the shelter was the only kill shelter so far in the county).

Kuce was love at first site for my mother. I didn't even really notice her until she came with the ID number of her (They weren't sure she was fixed so she came home a couple days later via a vet visit. Luckly she was spayed.
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It was love at first site with my baby Luna! We had looked at other breeds of cats, and had been to several different breeders (and of course rescues and shelters). This was the first and only Ragdoll breeder we had been to see. I saw Luna and was like, yup, that's my kitty! She just crawled right over to my lap and fell asleep. I put a deposit on her the next day, since Alex made me have enough self-control to go home and think about it over-night.
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For the ones I "delivered" you bet! For the stray rescues, yes for Noel, and soon for Tippy - who starving and wary & would run if he even made eye contact with me. It took a few months to get to even have him see me and not run, longer to be able to touch him and get to know him..then I just fell in love fast <G>.
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The very first time I met Corkscrew I couldn't stand him, he was living with a friend at the time and we stopped by her house and I thought he was a little pain in the a@@! But later I realized that she would only stop by her apartment once a week to leave food for him! So he wasn't well socialized. When she finally decided she was going to move in with her partner she gave away Corkscrew. That person returned him, so Corkscrew went to someone else, who returned him. Then thankfully one day I saw her and asked what was going to happen to Corkscrew when she moved in with her partner and she said I've tried to find him a home but no one wants him so I'm giving him to the humaine society. Knowing that he was almost full grown and he was not well socialized I knew he wouldn't get adopted. When I brought him home I still couldn't stand him, he loved to push my buttons. But after awhile he calmed down and I fell in love with him.

Tibby I fell in love with her brother first, but he had already been adopted. But the lady said that he had a sister but she was really shy, it was a no cage shelter so she just kind of hid from me. But after seeing her a few times I fell in love with her and knew that I needed to bring her home.
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RB kitties
1. Inky: love at first site
2. Shadow: love at first site
3. Cleo: love at first site

Felicia was not love at first site. I wanted another kitten, but due to a mix up, it was either her or nothing.

I was going to buy his brother, until Beau sat on my lap one day. (Beau had my love after that).
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I had never had a cat until we rescued Fred. I fell in love with him the minute my s/o handed the tiny furball out of the tree. He had to stand on the top of the truck and coax him down with turkey scraps. He spent the night, and the next morning cried to go out. I was so upset that he wanted to leave, but he was too young to be away from his mommy, so I let him out, thinking he was going home. 2 hours later I heard scratching at the front AND the back door. Fred was at the back, and his twin brother was at the front. We let them in and had both of them for 7 years until Mr. Kitty ran off. We looked all over for him, and much to my amazement, he turned up as Pet of the Week on a local talk show. Someone had already adopted him by the time I got to the shelter. I have no clue how he got to the shelter, but he got a good home.
Leo, my Rainbow Bridge baby, was love at first sight. He was laying under a shopping cart in the parking lot of a Petsmart in Kansas City. I thought he was dead until I poked him with my toe and he whimpered. He was so sickly, I did not think he would live through the night. He grew up to be the most beautiful red tabby boy, he was almost the Science Diet ad kitty. He was 22 lbs of pure sweetness. He contracted FeLeuk and had to be put out of his pain a year ago. I still miss him so much.
Pearl and Georgia were both emergency rescues, but I love both of my girls.
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