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An another Ava story!

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Yes all, I have yet another Ava Story, she is the only cat of mine that does these ridiculous things for me to write about, and this is one of those stories that is only funny now, 3 days after the fact! It starts with this fly problem we are having for some reason, we have this problem every year and cannot figure out how to fix it, but we have about 20-30 flies flying around our apartment at any given time. I was fed up with it so I went out and bought some fly paper to hang. I have had one strip hung with no incident, but I had to test fate and try to hang another piece. I was trying to tack it up when I dropped the tack, so I stepped down off of the stool and guesss what, Ava grabbed this piece of fly paper and when she realizes that it is stuck to her she starts flying around the house every which way and I cannot catch her. Finally after about 3 minutes of her climbing walls and whatnot I catch up with her in the bedroom where she had managed to get a wash cloth and a sock stuck to her as well as the fly paper wound from the tip of her ear to the tip of her tail. I have no choice at this point but to pull it off of her very slowly as to not rip off any skin. She meows a little but she is not hurt but she is covered in the glue from the paper, so I being a pet groomer decide that I can give a 5 month old kitten a bath by myself. (because of course my husband is working) Well I was smart enough to close the bathroom door so the only thing that got a good wash down was the bathroom and not the rest of the house! Luckily after about 3 phone calls and being put on hold for about 20 minutes I found out that the glue on the fly tape is not toxic (Thank Goodness) and Ava is all recovered now except for a little bald spot on one ear!
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ROTFL!!!! Poor Ava!
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OMG, what an ordeal! Poor Ava!
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aww poor baby!
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this poor kitten has been through so much in her 5 months, before I got her she had been attacked by a dog, then I sat on her because she was underneath all of the blankets and my husband accidentally hit her with the front door one day when we were leaving the house and now the whole fly paper ordeal. I think she is almost out of her nine lives!!!
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poor ava...
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