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Pooping blood

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This morning I found a small piece of otherwise normal stool with about an equal amount of bright red blood on the floor next to the litter box.  It seemed relatively fresh, but I don't know which of my two boys it was from.  Both have been acting totally normal today - eating, active, no vomiting.


I called the vet, and they had me bring the sample of bloody stool right over so they could analyze it.  I'm waiting for them to call me this afternoon with some results.  Currently I have each cat locked in a seperate bathroom with a litter box, wet food, and water.  I am hoping to discover which one of the cats this blood came from.


Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?  I'm very worried...


ETA:  Perhaps I should add, they are both 4 years old, indoor only kitties.  They were both at the vet in the fall for check-ups and their stool samples checked out fine then.

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Just heard from the vet's office.  Other than the blood, there was nothing abnormal in the stool so they have nothing to treat there.  Since neither cat is showing any other signs of illness, I've elected to keep them separated for the timebeing and see if I can determine which cat the blood came from.  The vet said with no other symptoms, it could possibly be colitis.  So, we'll see how they do tonight.  Right now they are quite unhappy about being in solitary confinement!

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What do your kitties eat?

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They eat Taste of the Wild dry, and typically Wellness wet but occasionally we mix up the wet food with other brands.  TOTW kibble constitutes the bulk of their diet, though.

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Was the size of the stool a normal size? My girl with megacolon would get constipated and then try to pass large, hard stool and there would be blood. I also have read that there have been some issues with Diamond - and I think they make TOTW. Please check it out. I'd hate for there to be a problem with your food.


I think separating them is a good idea so you can monitor each one separately.

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Actually it was a pretty little piece of stool, maybe about half the length of my pinky finger and about the same width as my pinky finger.  The stool itself seemed pretty normal consistency (formed, but not firm).  I really hope it's not the food - researching food is just overwhelming to me, and all the information seems to change every couple of years. *sigh*

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I would watch closely - sometimes when they are constipated, they can poop out just a wee bit or have diarrhea (the liquid is all that gets past the blockage. Hope it's not the food either, but it sounds like you are on top of things.

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I have just started  athread of my own as I have this problem with my girl, its horrible not knowing what causes it, last time the vet told me it was worms, will be making a trip back tomorrow.x

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We once had a cat who would have a few drops of red blood on his stool quite often.  After all the vet checked, he said some cats (just like some people--don't ask me how I know this!) have a weak blood vessel close to the anal opening, and bleed a little bit on a regular basis.  If it's bright red, it has to be fairly close to the end of the digestive tract.

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So far, both cats are still committed to keeping this a mystery.  (Translation: Nobody's pooped yet, still.)  Bastian has been crying at the bathroom door all day, and Griffin has thoroughly shredded an entire roll of TP.  I am glad that the stool sample showed no evidence of parasites or anything, but it's still frustrating to not know what caused this!  Ruthyb, I hope your girl is okay.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts!  Please send some pooping vibes to my kitties so I can let them out of the bathrooms before they go nuts. wink.gif

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