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What does a hard stomach mean in a cat pregnancy?

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I have a very pregnant kitty named Bruda. She is at least 8-9 weeks pregnant, and I was curious what exactly it means when her stomach starts getting harder. Does this mean the kittens will start to drop? I don't know the exact day of conception, but i have been able to feel the babies moving and have been able to see them since 4/20/12. I noticed on Friday 4/27 that her stomach was beginning to feel hard, and i haven't been able to feel the babies moving really actively in a couple of days. They used to be EXTREMELY active, as now they really just seem to twitch around in there rather than rolling around like they used to.Is this common? Also, she seems as if she is going into heat, she was been screaming at me(her calls are VERY high pitched) and following me room to room with her tail high in the air, and waiting to be let outside. She will even make me follow her to her food bowl and sit with her as she eats, but I haven't seen any contractions. Does it sound like she will be going into labor rather soon? I would really appreciate anyone who views this thread to at least leave me a little bit of information. I hate posting things on here and only getting one or two responses, i know you all have had pregnant kitties, leave me a little of your prior experience! :] Thank you!

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ah, you mean muscle tonus, not nr 2...   :)   nr 2 gets often rare shortly before delivery.

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I'm sorry if this sounds rude, not what I was trying to do at all but I don't understand your comment at all haha. what is muscle tonus and nr 2 mean??

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muscle tonus is the tension in the muscle. How tensed and strained they are if you want.

nr 2 is poo, nr 1 is pee.    :)



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lol thanks for explaining! She has been going to the bathroom, but from what i see, she eats more than she has nr2. She nibbles all day long, and is very secretive when she has to use the litter box so i hardly notice her ever going.

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So Bruda has given birth to three healthy babies so far! Last night she was making me follow her all around and was constantly stretching and was eating like normal. She seemed to have lost her mucus plug sometime last night because she had a little bit of it on her behind, but i thought she just made a mess going to the bathroom and it was caught in her fur. But this morning as I am getting ready for work she has number one around 7AM, very quietly and in her birthing area in my closet. She hid the baby in her fur so i didn't notice she had even had one and then at 7:22 i get a frantic call from my fiance saying i missed a kitten and i need to come home, so i rushed back, and as i came in she began having contractions and gave birth to number 2, and then almost immediately after number 3 at 8:00 and 8:07 :] they are all healthy and mom is doing an amazing job at taking care of them. One thing i am worried about is that she doesn't appear to have milk coming out of her nipples. Her breasts are very full and are even sagging a big, but no milk is coming out for the kittens. Does this ever happen? Could she be waiting for the others to come out? She is still very large so i think she is going to be having more, just worried. They all seem happy though, even mama :] will be posting pictures when i know all the kittens are out! Thanks to everyone for helping me and answering all my questions! (i know i had a lot)

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Can you say why you think the kittens can't get any milk?


Weigh the kittens.  You need a scale that will weigh to 1g or equivalent in oz.  Weigh them at about the same time tomorrow, and every day for the next few weeks.  Record the results, and if they are generally gaining 10g-20g each day then they are doing just fine.

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Ya i have a scale, just haven't been able to record their weights because when they cry mama starts crying and i feel bad lol. I will start weighing them after mama stops with all of her contractions and is able to rest.

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Have the scale right before the mama, so she sees the whole time them and what you are doing. As soon you are ready, you lay them back. It takes just a few seconds, no?

It gets her calmer.    ps. If the scale if of metall, try to warm it up some. Or lay some cloth on the scale.


You must weigh them from NOW, as you dont even know if they are getting milk, or if they do, enough of it.   If they gain at all, you know immediately they do get some milk, even if you dont notice it.


During the time, prepare for some replacement kitten milk too, so you are ready for everything.  If they really arent eating nothing, you dont have much time, you know...


There are several different brands of replacement milk, goat milk works also ok.


Good luck!

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ps.   DO they try to suckle?  Mom herself is not taking them to her breast, they must themselves come near (or you lay them there) and they must suckle...

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Mama has milk! Yay! Kittens are suckling and mama is eating and cuddling them like no other! I guess i was a bit excited and worried as this is the first time i have had a kitty give birth. All kittens are healthy and getting fatter by the second it seems :]


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NOW Im happy, me too!   Tx for telling!


Good luck!

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Yay for Mama milk!!! biggrin.gif
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I'm so happy they are all doing so well :] thanks again everyone for your helpful words!

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I am so glad as well smile.gif keep us posted on mama and those babes! Have any more arrived?
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