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why do women have to laugh at us men???

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I am a man and believe that men must do those things that are required in life for their better halves - you know buy personal things etc.... Anyway, My wife asked her to get her a new bra from La Senza when out yesterday as she was busy to meet for lunch and wanted one. "get me something white and nice" she asked and I agreed like a pillock.
Problem 1, I dare not go into the lingerie shop by myself
problem 2, finding a female friend at work that would go with me....

Problems solved as good friend agreed called Anna - off we went.

As soon as we got into the lingerie shop - its like that feeling men get when we know we are completely out of our depth. I am surrounded by bras and underwear - things that made my contact lenses fog up and I get dry mouthed. I start the what the hell am I looking for and trying not to look out of my depth although I am sinking faster than a lead brick in a swimming pool - when quite out of the blue - I am approached by a young ( mid 20's) shop assistant and why the hell does she have to be such a stunna to look at? I can feel the color gaining strength in my face - its suddenly very hot when she spoke...
"Can I help you sir" - she speaks i was thinking thank god.
" I ... I .. I need a new bra for my wife " Anna said that I asked her quite openly in this small shop.
She smiled at me "what bust?"
and then I answered as immediately after I had spoke I wished I had not even gone as my mind went blank. So what did I say????
"nothing bust as far as I am aware - the old one just wore out"
To which Anna said that I looked round and she was gone leaning against some neglige thing in fits of laughter. The woman started laughing and I was completely blank in my mind as I had no idea what the heck I had said. It all happened in very slow motion to me and all I got in the office all afternoon was comments from all the staff.
needless to say - if Carol wants a bra in the future - she WILL go by herself, she WILL not ask me and she WILL never let me undergo the most embarrassing day in my life.
You women are confusing for sure and for me - if anyone asks I will NEVER be in that part of leeds ever again.
Still going red thinking about itand dying of embarrasment
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Oh Kev, you have earned your sainthood just agreeing to such an errand! My husband doesn't even go into the Intimates section of Wal Mart with me, and if I'm still looking he will stand in the aisle talking to me over the racks.
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Kev , I think that was very sweet of you going into that shop for your wife . Now I call that true love . I know that most man are imbarased to do that . I personaly think that man should go with their woman in that kind of store so they both know what they like . My husband went with me a few times in those stores and he sure like to pick out some very hmmm nice (hot) things for me to wear . Well what he like's . I think it is great when a man is doing that for his woman . I personal think all man should do that every once in a while . But that is IMO ...
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I would NEVER ask Bill to buy me anything to wear. He has done well, in the jewelry department and he DID buy me a fleecy purple robe, though.

My first husband was SUCH a doofus. I once asked him to stop on his way home and pick up a package of feminine hygiene products. That idiot drove home, PAST the store, picked me up and took me over there, to get them.

Whenever we did drugstore shopping, he would give me the money and hang out, by the front door, while I checked out with personal products. D'you suppose that he thought anybody would think that he was buying that stuff for himself?
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Oh Kev, you are too funny. I know better than to ask my s/o to run such an errand for me. He would be completely lost, and who knows what I would end up with.
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Thats what you get! After starting the thread about bra sizes I'd think you the 'lingo'.
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my husband would not be caught dead bra shopping for me!!
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ah HA! 'Bust'ed for checking out the shop assistant if you ask me!
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Because you (men in general) make it so easy?
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Good one Jenn!
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Kev, its either laugh at you or kill you!
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You kill me Kev!

I HATE bra shopping, I can never get the right size for me. So basically, I know how you feel, sort of
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You poor guy Kev. You may find it funny one day.

It's not all bad. I used to work in a department store and occasionally in the Intimate Apparel. And I found myself offering tips to men of all ages as to how they should surprise their significant other with all the bits and pieces that was on offer.

1) Bust, Cup size, all means size.

2) Lace or no lace.

For tips one and two, have a look in the underwear drawer and especially at the really nice ones so you know what she likes to wear to impress you.

3) Remain calm. Don't get flustered. Most store assistants are more than happy to help men. Just find one that you feel comfortable with and you're able to concentrate with the task ahead.

3) Treat YOURSELF after shopping so you can calm down before giving your significant other the surprise.
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Oh that's a great one Kev! That's hilarious! Not one man in my life would ever go drugstore shopping with me, never mind going bra shopping with me! My mom and dad have been married 28 years, and he still won't buy her "girl stuff".....I don't know why lol! Oh well. There is enough girls around in our family that one of us has to remember! lol But usually bras are left to the one that wants it!
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Since my mother's stroke, she obviously can't do her own shopping. My dad has stepped up to the plate and done an admirable job.

He is a snappy dresser, himself and has a good eye, for what looks good on Mom. For the whole time that they have been married, he has carried a card in his wallet, with all of Mom's sizes on it.

She has her hair permed, so that he doesn't have to deal with hair styling but, he has learned how to apply lipstick, blush and powder.

Not all men are helpless, when it comes to "girly stuff".
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Kev, I gotta say, you are one good sport to have taken on that errand!

I don't even contemplate the possibility of my husband buying clothes for me, never mind intimate apparel of any sort. (I guess I got quite accustomed to the male antipathy for such activities from the ritual shopping trips that my Dad invited me on -- to shop for my Mum. He wanted to buy the stuff, but absolutely couldn't face taking on the ladies clothing/undies departments.) Rob doesn't buy my undies -- and I don't buy his, either. And that's cool.

But, once the heat goes out of your face, Kev, maybe the episode will take on a humourous light -- that story really was hilarious!
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reading thru the post, i couldn't help but find myself s:censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:ing away... it was a good experience though...hehehehhe
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Oh, Kev, that was so sweet of you!

But, yes, men do ENDLESS amusement for women. I'm not being mean . . . ya'll are hilarious! When I'm with my girlfriends, the topic ALWAYS, inevitably comes around to our mens' bloopers, at some point in time. It's just so much fun to discuss the less-clued-in gender.

Seriously, your wife is very lucky to have a husband that would agree to something like that.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Kev, its either laugh at you or kill you!

OMG I was thinking this same thing as I was read this threadhowever sometimes I think killing is the best altertnative
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I had a very wise woman once tell me that a woman can do one of three things with a "troublesome" man:

1) Kill him.

2) Marry him.

3) Stay as far away from him as you can possibly get.

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