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First he yawned Then I think he hissed cuz Zoey jumped up really fast on the cat tree like right up in his face lmao!!

I want to keep Binky
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I think you should cat nap him - Zoey obviously likes him.

You may think that she won't snuggle with the new kitty, but my youngest boy thinks of 1 of my females as her mom and they are always snuggling. I have found my other cats actually get more snuggly when another cat comes in the house.
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My neighbor keeps joking that she's going to give Binky to me I wish she'd stop

The homeless cat network is having adoption fairs in my area at different locations every weekend... I think I might check one out soon
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All right so I was all set to check out this 2 month old flame point siamese at the humane society but when I got there they messed up! It was a YEAR and 2 months. So, no. They had a couple of cute male tabbys but one showed no interest in me at all (lol) and the other one just wanted to bite me! I'm like, I dont need TWO biters

So, then I went to Pets In Need, a no kill shelter near my house and they had only one 2 month old male tuxedo guy. He was SO cute.. but again, was biting my hands, face, nose LMAO! I held him though for 10 minutes, he loved to be held. But, the lady there said they had about 10 kittens getting altered right now and that they would all be available tomorrow, they open at 11am SOO GUESS WHERE IM GOING TOMORROW!
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YEAH go....go....go...go....
I am sorry about the Siamese kitten , I really was hoping it would take your heart when you see it
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Sicy, I have only male cats, all of them fixed by 6 months. None of them spray. The people who have male cats that spray, probably got them fixed later, after they had already started spraying.

As far as cats cuddling with each other. I worried about how my 6 year old Siamese cat would accept the new Bangel kitten, because he never really accepted my poor Stanley (who passed away last month). Well, Shane (my 6 year old) has not only accepted Simba, he loves him. He cuddles with him, and he grooms him. In fact, I think Shane thinks Simba is his kitten.
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Zoey needs a kitten fix she looks like she is having fun, its to bad that lady wont give you Binky, i bet he would love it there with all of you, oh well thre are lots out there to choose from, good luck
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Good for you going to get another kitty . I have three and have gotten them all within the last year, one at a time. When I got the second one it was the hardest, because my other cat was used to being on her own; but now they are inseperable. To punish them if they act up, we put them in the bathroom for about 3-4 minutes and it works great. Anyways, now the problem is that when one is in the bathroom, the other will do everything in it's power to get her out. It is soo cute. Our newest one is still caged (hpefully,they will take her pin out next week), but they place with eachother through the bars of the cage. It took our first and second one about 3 weeks to get used to eachother, but now they are best buds. We even gave them names that go togetber Tortie and Shelby (get it tortie-shell) lol, cracks me up. Anyways, best of luck
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Thanks guys

Hope that's so cute about Simba. After I have done all this trial stuff with Binky, I am almost sure in time (probly short time) Zoey will be used to the new kitten and they will get along. I still plan to keep them separated for at least the weekend. Even though I dont really think I need to.. since I just threw Binky at Zoey with no intros and they did fine. But I want to do this the right way so I will swap scents etc and let the new kitten out while Zoey is in another room so at least he will get used to the apartment before I throw them together.

All the cats at this place are neutered at 2 months I cant wait till tomorrow. I hope I find my second love.
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I have a feeling you will. A little kitty is waiting for you and Zoey.

Good luck.
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good luck on getting another kitten, I wish my husband would let me get another one, I only have 3! lol. but hubby says either him or more pets. hhhmmmm??? lol.
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Good luck! I vote for the tuxedo boy kitten.

Biting in a kitten that age is normal - you can handle it by redirecting toward a soft, safe toy and/or ignoring the kitten (withhold attention) when it bites - only give it attention when it's being gentle.

Personally, I've never had trouble with a neutered male spraying.

Hope you come home with a sweetie!
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BTW, Sicy, if you feel like making a looooong road trip, check this out:

I do hope you found a cutie today.
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soooo did ya get a kitten!
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I got online this morning JUST to find this thread and see if Sicy got a kitten!

I'll have to keep checking this afternoon. . .

waiting for the good news and little kitty pics!
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come one sicy you can't keep us all waiting for ever
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SICY ..... tell us . How did it go ???
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I haven't even left the boards yet - just sitting here waiting!
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Yeah , me too . I keep checking my mail to see if SICY will respont .
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glad i'm not the only waiting to see if zoey got a friend!
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Oh my,
we are all in the waiting room(lol) Sicy where are you?
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maybe she got the kitty and is busy playing
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I'm with all of you, i couldnt wait to get on here tonight to see if Sicy got a new baby or not it seems like we are in the waitng room of the delivery room where are you Sicy??
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Sicy's ears must be burning! You'd think she'd take the hint and get in here and tell us what happened!
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Sicy! Sicy! Wherefore art thou, Sicy?
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OMG still no news ???
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Sicy Sicy Sicy Sicy Sicy Sicy I hope you came home with a pretty pretty kitty!
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still no news SICY
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omg you guys LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I've had a really long day and have been to 5 shelters *screams*

I ended up with another gray cat lmao.

I will start a new thread I think in a few minutes.. I havent even eaten I feel like I'm going to pass out. Saki is crying in the bathroom because he wants attention... stay tuned.
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staying tuned
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