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Hey, how about sprinkling a little catnip on your clothes. She seems to really enjoy her catnip. Maybe she will start associating you with something really good.
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It's a special sort of "pet massage" for lack of a better description. You can get the book just about anywhere...I got mine from a local used bookstore. Seems to help - my dog was abused by children before I got her and I'm still working on her shyness, but she's improving. It seems to build her trust. I've used it on the cats, too.
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originally posted by Russian Blue
Here's another pic I took this weekend. My two babes asleep....awww....

OMG! Thats so sweeeet. This is from Russian Blue's thread here. I'm posting this particular pic here (not that you need any more encouragement Sicy), because its so touching!! This is what we all want...a cuddlebug!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Zoey is 16 months. I got her at 11 months.

Oh she gives me plenty of love when I get home, its really cute. Head bonks, purrs, rubs, pets. She chases me into the bedroom and jumps on the bed and when I plop down on the bed she head bonks my face and meows. But that only lasts like 10 min I call her by making kissy noises. She almost always comes and head bonks my hands. But she just isnt a cuddler. She needs her own space (most likely due to her past with kids and rough housing). If she's sleeping and I go try to kiss her she whines. And if I dont back off she swats at my head and bites my nose lol.

When I first got her, she slept on the bed and came into my lap occasionally. But now she's got her window perch above the bed and she spends all of her time there.
Awww... poor Sicy... I remember when you posted about her window perch. You're so good to her. It's sad that she's not cuddly because she so darn adorable.
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Aww its ok. I still love her very much. She has so many funny and cute things she does it just melts my heart. She's really special. Plus I have my fiancee now to cuddle with
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I have so many cuddly kitties! In fact not one of mine isn't, perhaps you should get a persian!

I'm sorry Zoey aint the cuddly type! , Hope the new kitty is!
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I've been skimming pretty quickly, but I think you said Zoey is 16 months -- or thereabouts? I'd say she could easily be a cuddler later on, if she has shown affectionate tendencies. What I've found is that at that age, they still have too much play in them to be looking for serious cuddles. My Cindy will likely be a fine lap cat eventually, from what I can tell, but even at 28 months, it's still somewhat iffy.Some days there's just too much Cat Business to tend for her to spend much time fussing over the humans. On the other hand, if I were to go upstairs right now and run into her, I'll bet dollars to doughtnuts that she'd corrall me straight into the bedroom and wait not at all patiently for me to get into bed, so she could find my lap and snuggle in. She's just not consistent yet.

All of which is NOT to say that you shouldn't get a kitten. Seems as if Zoey will be able to make the adjustment, and will probably enjoy another person of her own species. And it's such fun to see them interact!
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When are you getting a new kitten?

I just have a feeling it will be soon.
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lol I dont know yet I'm still deciding
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Man there was the sweetest little 4 mo old girl tuxedo at Petco today! She was bottle raised. She was rubbin all over my hands and meowing and just the sweetest thing ever!! Arg I wanted to take her home.
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Tuxedos are very cuddly & sweet. (not that I'm partial or anything! )
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You could go back and get her. Keep us posted (lol)
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lol I cant! I'm just so scared. I dont know why this is so hard for me I'm also afraid to get a female because everyone says male and female get along better. I am leaning toward a male but then I also hear they spray sometimes even when they're fixed! I just dont know *sigh*
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Sicycat wrote:
I want a kitten

I do. *sigh* I want a kitten who will cuddle. I want a kitten who wont bite me and will sleep with me at night. I want 2 different personalities instead of one.
Hey Sicy? I don't mean to be discouraging at all, but in talking to Colby about MaeMae, something did come up that I thought I ought to share. It might have already come up in this thread - I'm sorry, I haven't read it from start to finish.

But I just wanted to make sure you know - most kittens aren't that cuddly. And there's no way to know what they'll be like when they grow up. Our cats are getting cuddlier as they get older, but only one of them sleeps with us for about half an hour a night - and that started just a few weeks ago. He's lived with us one year and two months. They all slept with us for the first two or three days. But that was it. Now they sleep on the bed during the days - but not when we're there.

When they're so young you need to feed them every three hours, they're cuddly. But once they get a little older, most kitties don't want to snuggle anymore. MAYBE when they're sleepy.

Even our little cutie Flowerbelle. The more comfortable she gets here and the more she grows and gains strength, the more independent she gets. Now instead of being a complete cuddle-baby, each day she becomes more and more of a squirmbler. She wants to be playing or investigating - what "post-toddler to pre-teen" kitten has time for cuddling? Gary and I feel like the annoying Aunt and Uncle that constantly pinch their niece or nephew's cheeks.

I really don't mean to discourage you in any way. If your primary motivation is to have two kitty personalities and to have a playmate for Zoey, then it's something to consider - though Zoey may not like your choice. But if you want a cuddly snuggly kitty, I say don't do it. Even if you hand raise the kitty yourself, he or she may not grow up to be cuddly. Just wanted to share in case it hadn't already come up.
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Well thanks for sharing. My neighbors kittens are 5 months now (I think) and both cuddly. They sleep with her every nite... have since day one.. so I dunno what to say. But I see your point. My cat ChiChi at my parents house used to sleep with me every single nite for 10 years until I moved out.. had since I first got her as a kitten and even now she is 14.

Binky came over to play again I so want to just keep him

He's so cute

I think he peed in Zoey's litterbox

He's been here for about 20 min now. Zoey is just watching him, following him around. I think he wanted to play with her but then saw her reaction and ran the other way She's not hissing or anything though she wont let me touch her right now I think she's too involved in what Binky is doing lol.
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i agree Sicy he is so cute, he would be a keeper in my book, but heck they all would be Zoey seems to be doing well i think, when you try and touch her, she is saying not now mom im busy i think you need to get Zoey a friend, and you are right about some male cats do still spray even after neutering, its not real common but it does happen. my boys dont, im so glad. good luck with the kitten decision...
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I Think this is SO cool!

Zoey has a look on her face like, " I am not the only cat in the world--I think I like this" -- She looks so amused watching another kitty prancing around her territory. She really looks happy to be in the company of another furball besides herself!!!! I love the pics, Sicy!!!

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lol by the end of the visit Zoey was actually just kickin back watching..her eyes were not big, just relaxed. Although when Binky would run up to her and touch noses she would kind of back up and be on guard, but I think that's normal. I dont know if she could ever be lifelong friends with another cat, I havent figured that out yet, but she seems to be able to tolerate them
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OMG I love those pics Sicy. Such cute little snookums!

Thats why I never really considered getting a male, the threat of spraying was too much for me.
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I wish one of my neighbors kittys was a girl so I could compare reactions

The thought of spraying makes me too
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Eeeeeeeeew! Don't force me to tell my "spraying story again" ROTFL!!

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You know Sicy , each cat smell differend too .So the best way would be ( I think and maybe I am wrong too ) you go to the shelter and if you like a cat/kitten there pet her/him and let it go on you and rup on you , then you go home and let Zoey smell you out . If she hisses , you know she don't like it , or if Zoey bite you really hard , or react totally hmmm not good . Then you change your clouth and put it in the washing maschine . Just a idea to think about .
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I had to share how Peanut is with GoGo.......

....they are like this all of the time and they are 4 years apart...

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Berkley is a real lap kitty. She takes her time to snuggle up on the sofa with me. Usually I have to be sitting there for about 15-20 minutes before she will approach me to snuggle. Do you ever sit around that long without moving? If you are too active, it may not give Zoey enough time to become a lap cat if she is showing signs of possibly becoming one. Just a thought

And, as far as the spraying goes, I find that my two boys don't spray. I think it has to do with them both being neutered.

From the looks of those pics, Zoey looks like she will do GREAT with another cat
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originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
You know Sicy , each cat smell differend too .So the best way would be ( I think and maybe I am wrong too ) you go to the shelter and if you like a cat/kitten there pet her/him and let it go on you and rup on you , then you go home and let Zoey smell you out . If she hisses , you know she don't like it , or if Zoey bite you really hard , or react totally hmmm not good . Then you change your clouth and put it in the washing maschine . Just a idea to think about .
That is a good idea! I have one concern though. Amber recently got sick (UTI) about a week back with sneezing fits. She would paw at her nose like it itched or something also. I went to the vet and she asked me if I had any new cats or if she came into contact with other cats. I said no; I was puzzled. So thinking about it after a minute, my SIL has a new kitten (shes had him about a month though and I had been over there before) and just the day before I was at her house for Labor Day party. I handled and played with the kitten. Amber is better now after some antibiotics so just be warned - infections might spread that way.
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Thats why I said smell , only smell and not touch or so . You may be right rfox and it is not a good idea , my bad .
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Well it would be a good idea except, Zoey never reacts after I've touched another cat. I come home after playing with ChiChi at my parents house all day and Zoey could care less.

Kim that's pretty amazing. I dont think I could picture Zoey cuddling with any other cat though.. I mean she doesnt even cuddle with me

Ginger, I sit at the comp all nite, she could come up on my lap if she wanted. She just chooses not to. She loves attention, but only when she wants it.. and she doesnt like me all up in her face

I really would rather get a female, but I just hear males are more affectionate, and less of a threat to females than females.. can anyone confirm this. I really really dont want to deal with spraying though.
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My boys are more cuddly than the girls are. If you get them fixed by 6 months old, there is no spraying.

I think Zoey needs a boyfriend...
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Sicy , most of the males are more snuggle bugs then females . But there is always some who are differend .I have to say that most of my female cats like to snuggle with me , but not with my husband or my son . Jezabel don't like to sleep with me or hubby , but sleeps sometimes by our feet . I also have male cats who would not sleep with me at all , but love to get all the strokes they can get . Then I have some males who like to sleep with me . Sicy I really think there is no garantie of what kind of cat would or would not , since each cat has a diferend caracter .Most people would say to take a male cat , the reason why : so Zoey would not feel any thread by a other female . I personaly like female cats , they are so girly like and I think thats cute . I like male cats too of course . I would say , go after your heart . Good luck
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Gah you are not making it easy!

I've had 2 people that have had neutered males tell me they still sprayed occasionally
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