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How is everyone???

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I apologize for not being around much lately. I have been SO busy with stuff (Life, Max, etc) that I have had little time online except to check my email. I've seen some posts that I wanted to respond to, but by the time I take a quick look it's late and I'm too tired to type. But, I just wanted to say HI and tell all my friends here that I haven't vanished. I'll be back a little more once I get a few things accomplished. Socrates and Tiger say hello too.
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Hey MeowMan,

Glad to see you around. I too haven't been around as much, traveling and getting caught up. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do. Nice to see you pop in everyonce in awhile!
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Chuck! I am glad to see you back (if only for a bit) I have missed you!!!!! But I do realize you have other things taking up your time!! Just know this....... will still be here for you, no matter how long you stay away.....'cause we LOVE you!!!

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I was actually looking for an update fron you Chuck... I have missed quite a lot of posts while I was gone and maybe you have already talked about it here, but I was kinda wondering what was going on with you now, have you managed to find a new job and what are you doing these days. If you have the time and energy, I'd love to know (you can PM or email me if you prefer). I am still worried.
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I wondered where you were and what you were up to, there was always so many great posts from you then all og a sudden not so many. Mind you I am a fine one to talk - come on get busy cannot check the cat site let alone my e-mail - then it takes me a month of Sunday's to catch up with is all. I do hope that you are well and happy

Big hug to you and your babies, hope to see you in here again soon :daisy:
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