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Cat eating out of habit??

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I have two cats - one is a 8lb taby(Cassius) and the second is a Maine Coon/Persian(Mylo) that weighs almost 20lbs and climbing. I understand that Maine Coon's are a larger breed, but Mylo's eating seems to be habitual. Everytime Cassius goes to eat, or one of us goes into the kitchen(where the cat bowls are kept), Mylo has to go in and eat. He doesn't seem to eat out of hunger, but out of habit. We've been trying to keep him from going to the bowl unnecessarily, but we can't do that when we are at work or sleeping. And when Mylo finishes the food in his bowl, he goes to Cassius' bowl and cleans that out too!

We were thinking of taking the food bowls away when we are not home - would this be ok or would we end up starving them?

Would anyone have any suggestions?????
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I would ask your vet.

My cats were doing this too, when on ate, the other would run up to the dish and eat too, I think just to make sure they both got their share. My vet suggested that I put down wet food twice a day, and then just a small amount of kibble for a snack, and not refill the bowl if they emptied it. This works, and they just both eat less now.

But really, you should get the proper advice about whether they are in fact eating the correct amount of food.
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I know that Maine Coons are large breeds, but I would also wonder about an illness that is making this cat eat so much. You can ask your vet to run a blood test and check for diabetes and other diseases just to be safe.
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