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I finally got my courage up

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and I called the groomer that had shaved Bartee (may he RIP) I was able to carry on a coherent conversation this time with her and asked her to pull his bath card. They had written on it "Fights Bath, work quick!" Then I broke down and told her that he was dead, and he died quite suddenly after his "appointment" I told her I wasn't going to sue or anything, but that I was searching for answers as to how come this fiesty healthy cat had suddenly passed away.

Come to find out that day she had run out of her regular stock of shampoo and used a brand new sample of shampoos on him. She has not used them ever before, or since. I asked her to go looking for the type of shampoo and find out if it had Tea Tree Oil in it or something else toxic. I told her if it did, please throw it away and do not use it again. With the blisters in his mouth, the fact that he "fought the bath" my guess (uneducated as it is) is that while he was fighting, he was splashing and meowing, and he got the shampoo water mixture inside his mouth (causing the blisters) swallowed the stuff (eventually causing his death)

She kept apologizing over and over again. Said it has never happened before to her. I just told her, I hope it never happens again and hung up.

Do I have peace? Not really, I want my poly guy back. I miss him so. And I will never take another cat in to the groomers again. I will learn how to shave them myself and lessen the stress for them.
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I'm so sorry hissy I would think that Being a groomer she should know what is toxic to cats and be espeically careful. People but there faith and trust in someone. I hope that doesn't happen to anyone elses cats. I couldn't help but feeling like going to the paper and make sure that everyone is aware of the dangers. This is just so sad
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First and foremost , mty deepest condolensces on the loss of your cat - its never easy for anyone at all to lose an animal and my thoughts and heart are with you.

Second - we are living in a day when the in word for everything is "compensation2 and people will sue for getting a cold, the season started early or late etc etc. The fact that you are not going to sue is admiral and I am glad that you feel this way.

As far as the cat suddenly passing away and blisters in the mouth, then it sounds as though you are right and that some of the new bath stuff was ingested through the mouth. I think that the people that bathed the cat were concerned enough and genuine enough to apologise and that takes a big person. I do think though that something needs to be done in the sense that you need to contact the manufacturer / and or get hold of the stuff and get it checked.
You may be on a crusade to nothing, however, it may just be / there may be something in the substance that no one knew about that is harmeful to our cats and we need to know about them. I never knew about tea tree - whats that all about??
So, it may give you a purpose to find something good to come out of the cat's death and it may even save thousands of others in the future. If this was something that no one knows about, then it should be made common knowledge nationwide as well as world wide. You are not trying to put a company out of business - just ensuring that the shampoo is used on the right animal.
Whatever you decide to do, I admire you fully and try to keep your chin up.
Best wishes

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OMG MA , I had no clue about your sweetie . I am so sorry for your loss . I pray that you find peace in your heart

I also would like to know what kind of shampoo she was using on your cat . I do plan on to get my Marquise next Friday to my groomer , she works by my vet and rent a little room there . So then I can ask what she will be using on my cat .

But only if you feel confi to ask her what name brand it was . If not it is ok too , I understand your pain you are in
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The problem is the type of shampoo remains (so far a mystery) The samples are given out by different companies, tossed into a big box and used (I am guessing) when their normal supply is out. She does not remember what sample or samples were used. So as far as chasing after a company, I would write a letter if she had a definitive answer for me. But right now, it could be any one of 15 different types.

Nothing surprises me anymore, and makes me so leery of buying anything over the counter to use on cats. I mean look at Hartz Mountain Products and they are supposed to be for the welfare of animals and not make products that harm the pets!
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I'm sorry to hear about Bartee. This kind of thread definitely makes you sit up and take notice. To lose any cat suddenly and unexpected like this is tragic, I for one will heed the advice I've seen here. Thanks for telling us about this. Again I'm sorry.
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Thank you Hissy .

yes that make it hard to find out , oh well cant change that . I sure will ask my groomer if she is using her regular kind and I am not sure what kind she has . But I know she is a cat lady , I got her a Oriental Shorthair cat and got to meet her more personal , so I know the love she has for animals .
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Oh MA, I'm so sorry. If it would help, I have a friend who does Curl rescue who used to be a professional groomer...I'm sure I could ask her for advice on best clippers and blades to use, a note on technique etc. for you?

I continue to be amazed at the items out there even by companies who care, that are known to be a problem (i.e. garlic and heinz body formation, but you will find garlic in some excellent otherwise products).

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss, and for Bartee.
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Pat I would be grateful for any help. What I am going to do is talk to my vet and see if a gal that used to work for him is available to teach me how to shave my cats. I have two ferals that are long hair with the soft fur that turn out to be cockleburr magnets in the summertime. They are also (like Bartee) black, so shaving them keeps them cooler. I thought I was making him comfortable, I had no idea I was signing his death warrant.
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I'm so sorry Maryanne that they used your Bartee as a guniea pig!

May Bartee RIP forever!
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MA, that is just too sad. I am so sorry to hear about Bartee.
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Originally posted by hissy
Pat I would be grateful for any help. What I am going to do is talk to my vet and see if a gal that used to work for him is available to teach me how to shave my cats. I have two ferals that are long hair with the soft fur that turn out to be cockleburr magnets in the summertime. They are also (like Bartee) black, so shaving them keeps them cooler. I thought I was making him comfortable, I had no idea I was signing his death warrant.
I got caught up this afternoon with another Curl rescue (again in CA!), and will probably not write to my friend until tomorrow. I'll then pm message her reply to you. I'm sure she'll have some tips, and also think if you can find someone to teach you hands on, that'd be wonderful.
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So sorry to hear about Bartee! Poor babe! Damn that's a tough one. Hard enough when the critter is old or ailing, but out of the blue like that! I sure don't blame you for not wanting anyone else doing your grooming after that. If only it were possible to chase the company...

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Here he was before going in:
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oh what a loss
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Bartee was a beautiful baby. I'm so sorry for your loss, and am glad you told the grooming outfit; although it doesn't bring him back, it could hopefully prevent another tragedy like this.
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Oh God, how awful. I'm glad you got the courage to call her. It may help prevent other deaths, and in some way that means Bartee didn't die in vain. However, I know it makes your loss no easier.

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I really would have been so mad.. I dont know what I would have done. Such a sad story. I'm sorry hissy.
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Thanks guys, the after picture is to gruesome. I ended up destroying it. I miss him so..(I know, I already said that) But he was special. I can't help feeling like I failed him. I know in reality it wasn't my fault, except I insisted Mike take him in to be shaved.
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He will always be gorgeous Maryanne!

Again I'm sorry for your loss! I can't get over how he died!

It wasn't your fault MA, Oh must
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hissy, I'm so sorry. I know how it feels, as I just lost my little Persian. Even though Stanley didn't die the same way, I feel like I failed my little guy also, because I should have known he wasn't well, before he got so seriously ill, and I didn't. I'll always feel like I failed my boy,because I think I didn't take good enough care of him, and the I wasn't observant enough. You trusted this experienced groomer to take proper care of your cat. I don't think you failed him at all.
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I had no idea that you lost a cat so recently. Where was I?
I'm so very sorry for your loss.

You'd think that products made especially for pets would be safe.

Sigh. . .

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I'm so sorry M.A. on your loss! What a beautiful cat.
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MA, I was so sad when I read in your other thread that Bartee had passed away. It's always so hard when you can't find out what really happened. Hang in there cobber, I'm thinking of you.
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Oh Hissy i'm so sorry I had no idea.
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I'm so sorry MA (((*hugs*))). Bartee is a beautiful boy!
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Oh Hissy...I don't know how I ever missed this thread....I was also missing in action when Bartee passed away, although I did read somewhere where you mentioned that he had and I felt so very very bad...I know I PM'd you at he time wondering what happened and you weren't yet ready to talk about it then so I never knew what had caused his death. I feel so very very rotten for not being there for you at the time...I believe it happened when I was taking my break from TCS...I just missed so much and still do....please forgive me for not seeing this earlier.
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Hissy, I am so sorry .
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