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We're newbies

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Hi there
I just joined the forums. I have a cat named Fred. Fred will be 2 in October. He is huge. Has big legs and feet and such a long tail. He is gray white and gold tabby. He has LONG hair and markings similar to a Maine Coon. Fred is deaf. I got him from the humae society when he was 10 months old and it took me 2 months to figure out he couldn't hear anything.
I thoughtit strange he didn't hear the garage door opening and didn't react when I talked to him.
He is very loving and seems to always have a lot to say.
Have you heard much about cats being deaf? The vet says he was probably born that way. (Fred doesn't care)
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Welcome to the board! We have several members with deaf cats. They communicate with them through hand signals and vibrations (feet) Deaf cats are wonderful, they are practically fearless and love to be underfoot all the time! I will holler at the other members and let them know you might need assistance.

I also split you off the other thread you replied to and gave you your own space.
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welcome to the board!!
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Hey there!
I have a deaf cat myself and he is indeed wonderful! I would love to have more deaf cats - if you have any questions, please don't hestitate to ask, I am happy to answer any questions.

Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Wow I didn't know there were so many deaf cats. I get such a kick out of Fred. He will sit and watch lightning and is just mesmerized by it. Of course he doesn't hear the thunder at all. He sure needs lots of contact and stays really close and really has a huge story to tell when I have been gone for a while and come in the door.
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Welcome to the site! Fred sounds like a super special kitty.
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Welcome to TCS! Deaf cats make lovely pets.

My mums friend has one- called 'Bowie' after the odd eyed singer- 'Bowie' is odd-eyed and is deaf! He's one of the most loveable cats.

Make yourself at home!
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Hi and welcome to the Pet Site!
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Hi there, your furbaby sounds gorgeous! Post a picture when you have a chance - we photos around here!
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Welcome! Fred sounds like he is so sweet. Mittens (my baby) is also a tabby. He weighs 20 pounds. You can see a pic of him at:
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Hi there and welcome, sounds like Fred is a lovely kitty, Fred doesnt need to hear your love for him he feels it enjoy the forums
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welcome, I have had friends that had deaf cats, they were all very loving and attentive, you just have to watch there body language more.
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