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We're newbies

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Just thought I'd introduce myself: My name is Nancy. My husband and I are owned by 2 cats (see login name). They are both rescue cats and are part of the family. They have each been acting out lately. Lorenzo has been pooping (diarrhea) on his favorite scratchy toy (the round kind with the spinny ball attached). His diet has not changed and he's on high fiber/hairball control by Science Diet. They won't eat anything but Science Diet--and get sick if I try. It's happened twice in the past 7-10 days. He's the nervous type and it often shows in his stomach--so I'm attributing it to the stray/neighbor's cat outside my house (ours are indoor cats). Also, one of them ( I can't tell which, but suspect it's Kiedis) are peeing AND pooping in the basement away from their (clean) litter box. I'm thinking it's the outside cat again and their marking, but they are peeing ON THE GROUND--not out at a wall AND pooping, which is odd. Any thoughts? I felt so guilty shooing the outdoor cat away--I even had to throw water towards it to make it go away! It broke my heart! Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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First Welcome both you and husband / and kitties .
Second , I would go to the vet with your cats to make sure they are not sick . The vet can also give you something for his/her poop . If you go in behavior section you can find some threads there located what may help you to salve the problem .
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Hi Nancy-

Sounds like this could very well be a health issue. Most times it is, or a way that cats deal with stress. Your first move would be to take both the cats in for a general check-up or at the very least run a fecal into your vet for them to run tests on. But with what you have described, both kitties may need a vet.

Also check out these threads here:

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Welcome to the board!
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Welcome to the site Nancy! Glad you found us here, and I hope you can get to the bottom of the elimiation issues your little guys are having.
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Hello Nancy- A big welcome to you and your two cats.

Hope your kitties are okay
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Thanks for all your input. By the time I was able to make a vet appt. Lorenzo was doing much better. They have stopped going around the basement--and the neighbor's cat has stopped hanging around, coincidentally So, I'm attributing the diarrhea to Lorenzo's nervous stomach--and the going outside the litter to their need to mark their territory. I cleaned up and dried the most common area of repeat offense and put a placemat on top of it with their food. It works!! I now have two happy, healthy kitties! Now if I could just stop Kiedis from waking me up at 4 AM every morning!
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I am happy to read that all is ok now , thats great .
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welcome to the site, have fun
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Haha..mine bite me and my fiance when they want out of our room. And they're even more intent on going in there now because of the new babies. (Not even 24 hours old yet)
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