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What is the layout of your house?

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I was wondering what everyones houses look like?

Mine you have to enter from the back because the cats have the front enclosed sunroom So you enter into the laundry room, there are steps to unfinshed basement in there, there is also a door to the kitchen, From the kitchen you go to the dining room. Once in the dining room you can turn left and go in the living room or you can go to the "walk though room" (it is room size but you have to walk thought it to get to the Master bedroom and bath rooms )Then there is the full bath, the master bedroom and in the master bedroom there is a half bath.
Off the living room there is my office/computer room and the enclosed sunroom for the cats.

I would love to have a two story house, When we were house shopping I wanted a one story but now I really really want a two story!
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There's a small porch in front of mine, and then you enter directly into the livingroom. Behind the livingroom is the kitchen, and the back door leads to a small redwood deck. The doorway on the left side of the livingroom opens into a hall where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.
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Well, I have a colonial.

I have an unfinished large basement, where we keep the kitty litter box, food, cat house, and a cat tree. We also have a shower down there, and the laundry area.

On my first floor I have an eat in kitchen, formal dining room, living room, and glassed in porch. I also have a small back hall where the basement steps are, a pantry off the kitchen, and a mudroom which leads to the back entrance.

On my second floor, I have 3 bedrooms, a full bath, 2 walk in closets, and a linen closet. Also, the attic entrance.

I love my house, its perfect for the 4 of us. We have a detached garage too w/ a workshop which hubby loves! And a fairly big yard too.
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dtolle I want your house!!!
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The house faces north and you enter the front door, directly into the living room. To the right , is the entry into the hallway, with two bedrooms and the bathroom opening off of it.

Veering left and passing into an alcove leads to and arched doorway, into the kitchen. There is an ell, containing the refrigerator and freezer.

Directly behind the kitchen is the family/dining room. To the left is the laundry room and to the right, another bedroom.

Bill and I sleep in the middle bedroom, the front one has my computer and sewing equipment and the back one is a catchall room.
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My house is long and thin. The front door is actually on the side, and I almost never use it. From the garage, you enter into the kitchen. Then the rooms - dining and living - go back long and thin to the back of the house. There are 2 bedrooms - they are off the main living area. If I had to describe it from the front, it's like an upside-down and backwards "E". (Turn monitor over for a better idea). The first sticking-out part is the kitchen, and the other 2 sticking-out parts are the bedrooms. In the space between the kids' room and the kitchen, I have an atrium. The walls are 20 ft high, but it's open at the roof. It's where my cats can go outside and yet be safe. It's small, but it's mine, and I love it!
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We have a "Two Storey" house.

The 'Downstairs' part has a double garage type place- with room for tools,spare stuff, there is also a "basement" type thing where we keep our wood etc etc, theres also lots of cupboards and racks-and one of the bedrooms is downstairs- Currently a "cat house" and part of it is used for storing furniture.

Then you walk "upstairs"- To get into our house you walk from the street up some steps and then to our porch you enter our front door(backdoor leads into backyard where the dogs live) entrance into hallway take a left (staircase) keep walking lounge, left from lounge Master Bedroom and Office right from lounge kitchen and dining area- take a right from the hall and you come to my 2 bedrooms- keep going down the hall and there's the "Shower Room" and the "Bathroom" and the "Basin Room" and then the "Toilet"- Silly system really we don't need everything in single rooms! - Opposite one of my rooms is the laundery.

Enjoyed reading everyones layouts
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My apartment is like a backwards L. The front door opens right into the living room (on the short part of the L). The kitchenette (kitchen plus a small dining area) is to the left, and straight in front (in the long part of the L) is the bedroom. I have a large closet and bathroom off of the living room, and a long but thin closet in the bedroom. There are large windows in the kitchenette, living room, and two in the bedroom. Unfortunately, they face south and east, so I get the sunrise but miss most of the breezes.
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I've got a hundred year old victoria farmhouse (white with grey trim) sitting on 10 acres. Double decker wrap around front porch complete with chair swing. The main floor has a front room, sitting room with cast iron stove/fireplace (with pocket doors between front/sitting rooms), dining room, kitchen, bathroom/utility room and back porch. A long hall and "U" shaped staircase run up the center of the house with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

The downstairs has multiple openings to each room so I have multiple figure eights for the cats to take laps on. The stairs are a fun place for play also, as they can peek thru the banisters and bat you as you walk by. I have a 6 foot cat tree in the doorway between the front and sitting rooms, and another short one on the back porch. I have a 5 foot cat tree in the upstairs hallway outside the bathroom door. They hang out there, scratch, climb the tree and jump your head as you exit the bathroom. Food bowls and litter boxes scattered throughout the house.
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Ok.. here's my tiny apartment

Walk in and there's a hall right in front of you leading into the main room *note the demon cat wondering what the heck mom is doing

Directly to the right is the kitchen


Main room *note matt galant lmao and demon cat again

Other angle of main room

Bedroom and db (dear boyfriend )

Lucky for you you cant see all my U2 posters
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poor zoey is wondering why the camera isn't pointed at her
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We have a three-storey twin house, i.e. duplex or semi-detached house, with a cellar. Our front door opens onto a hallway, with a powder room and a staircase to the left. We have a large, eat-in kitchen to the right, (yes, the kitchen is at the front, oddly enough), and a large living room across the back of the house. Upstairs we have the master bedroom and a bathroom at the front of the house, and two smaller bedrooms (guest room and study) at the back. There's a small balcony off the master bedroom, and a large screened-in balcony leading off the two smaller bedrooms, which is JC's balcony. The third floor (two rooms) is basically used for storage, since the kids we were planning on having never arrived. The house is built on an incline, so we have to go through the cellar to get to the backyard. It's fairly small, but cosy.
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Here are some pics of my place...

Living room (I'm at the front door)



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I live in a super tiny apartment, only 420 Sq. Ft. but this is the layout.
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Sicy! Is bf in his undies??
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Christy, how do you manage, with such a tiny kitchen? I'd be banging into things and tripping over cats, worse than I do now.

The ample cupboard and counter space was a major selling point, of our house. When we were house-hunting, I looked at the kitchen and master bedroom, first thing.

The house across the street from us just sold. I went over and peeked, before the sale. The kitchen is smaller than my bathroom. Actually, the whole house would fit in my front yard.
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I live in a big 100+ year old Victorian as well. I adore this house, its huge yet homey at the same time. My digitals not working so a description will have to do

You can enter the house from all sides- there is a back door, front door and two side doors. We usually enter in the back throught the porch area- lots of room for coats and shoes out there. After coming through the porch you come through a small entry way to our Game Room. We have our computer, kids game systems , card table and such in there. Soon to have an air hockey table and am scouting around for a second hand pool table as well. You can go from a door to our covered deck from the game room as well. We have chairs and a table out there so people can sit and enjoy the roses that climb the posts and take in some fresh sea air- we're across the street from the bay

Ok, then from the game room you turn right to the main hallway. The main bathroom is at one end and the stairs at the other, as well as the Front door. There are original stone steps leading down a stone path to a gate from this door. On the right in the hallway is the entryway to the kitchen- Our table and chairs are in the big kitchen since we've turned the formal dining room off of it into a Den. Off of the kitchen is a small porch that leads to the backyard and clothesline- we'll be moving our washer and dryer out there as soon as we get all the hookups in place. Right now they take up too much space in the back part of the kitchen.

The Dining room turned Den is still a work in progress since I've just finished remodeling the walls and am working on the floor right now. It boasts three huge windows you can see the ocean from and French doors leading out to the hall.

So then up the stairs- there is a small bathroom with a shower at the very top of the stairs. Off to the left is my daughters room, to the right is my sons room and you turn at the top of the stairs to get to the master bedroom. Beside that, what used to be a Nursery when the house was built is now the Guinea Pig room They live in a kiddie pool that takes up the whole room (spoiled piggies )

We have a huge backyard and a Duck Pond up in back- lots of big oak trees that are begging for a swing to be put up

Did I mention that I LOVE my house?
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We live in a single-wide mobile home right now. Come in the front door, to the right is a bathroom and bedroom, as you go left, you go through the LR, kitchen, bath and laundry and master bedroom. Too small !
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Well I was going to layout my house in paint but with all the pc problems I just can't take the time!

When coming in the front door you're immediately in the living room. It's very large with a huge window that I hate! You walk to your left through the living room and come to a hallway where you access the kitchen/dining/laundry on the right and to the left in the hallway is the spare bedroom. You go further down the hallway and the bathroom is on the right. A little further down is the craft room (aka the CRAP room)on the right. Directly accross from there is my room.

In the basement is a large family room, two bedrooms and a small kitchenette. Oh, and a 3/4 bath (shower only; no tub).

The rooms in my house are fairly good size. Lots of hiding places for kitties!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Sicy! Is bf in his undies??
It does look like he's lounging in his undies!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Sicy! Is bf in his undies??
omg you silly woman!! He's wearing white shorts!
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Originally posted by katl8e
Christy, how do you manage, with such a tiny kitchen? I'd be banging into things and tripping over cats, worse than I do now.
Quite well, actually. Believe it or not, this kitchen more than twice the size of my old one. It's an old building, so the ceilings are high and the floors are hardwood, but the kitchens are tiny. I guess people in the 1920's didn't do too much cooking. However, that is the one thing I want in my next place-a big kitchen with lots of counters and cabinets.
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I own a two bedroom bungalow. The house faces south. You walk through the formal front door to the living room which is very large and you walk through an archway into a country kitchen. Off the kitchen is another archway to a hallway and if you go straight you will walk into the bathroom. On either side of the bathroom is the two bedrooms. Off the kitchen is a mudroom. When your inside the mudroom you can go left to go down to the basement/laundry or right through a door to go into a little entryway that leads to the attached garage.

Everyone thinks it looks small from the outside, but when you walk into the inside and see the large living room and country kitchen - they think it looks much larger on the inside than outside.
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