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no not yet.

I'm trying to get tigger to come out of her hiding place. All she does is growl and hiss so I think I'm gonna get some of that cat relax stuff I saw at Walmart a little while ago. Hopefully that will help a bit.

The girls at work are telling me it's time to have a baby!

It's so hard to pick a name when you don't really have a personality to go on, you know? Oh he does the most adorable things. I've never had a baby cat before. Tigger was an adult when I came into the picture and Roo was 12 weeks when we got him. This little guy is 7 weeks and I don't know what to do! I've got a heating pad and a tiger stuffy and wet food and milk and water and a little litter pan... what else do I need?
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That color is just amazing and the markings - ain't Mother Nature wonderful the way she paints her creatures - or is that God that does that, I'm confuzzed LOL. Anyway, what a DOLL![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\orange tabby SO EXCITED.gif[/IMG]
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OK Here are some more from this morning. Roo is really teaching him a lot. But, the little one tried to suckle Roo this morning, I think he was hungry. Roo was like ":censor::censor::censor:". But now he eats proper food.

Ha Ha look at the size difference! The little one has huge paws so he will be something to be reckoned with eh?
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Oh! We decided to name him Kanga. So we have Kanga and Roo and Tigger too!
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yea!! that is such a cute name!
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the little one look like a little mouse comparing him to the other big guy
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Ohh Kangaroos are one of my fave animals!

Very Sweet! I love him so much as well as my roo-roo!

ahhh tamme yah always get the cute ones!

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Kanga is a great name!!

Is Kanga a male? Are roo and tigger males?
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Hey Sicy-

Kanga and Roo are males and Tigger is a female.... I think
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I just saw this post. What an adorable baby! I couldn't have resisted taking him home either. Thanks for all the pics. It will be so much fun watching him grow up.
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Here are a few more...(Just tell me when you get sick of them)

approx. size; My foot is a ladies size 8 1/2

I'm gonna need a new siggy
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Those two red ones are too cute together .By the way , we don't get sick of pictures from cats . We love them
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those pics. are just way to sweet,,,i loved them! he is just the sweetest little guy, makes me want another kitten really bad, but hubby says the boys are enough im gonna have to work on him
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How adorable, I love the ones of Kanga and Roo together.
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Ya I don't have any of Tigger cause she hasn't come out of her hiding place since we got him. She came out this morning when Darrell got home from work though. and she's cautiously walking around now, but if I try to pick her up she runs to her hiding place. She is coming around but she sure is taking her sweet time with it!...what a stubborn brat. I'll never get any pics with Kanga and Tigger together but that's her loss.

Here he is digging to China
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What a cutie-pie!
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Oh! I just love the new pics, I don't think I will get sick of him!
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Last night Darrell brought him to my work when he came to pick me up and I showed all the girls little Kanga. They said it was a nice break from all the stress at the hospital and the residents liked him too.

Jeez he's pooping again. How much poop can a little guy hold? at least he's learned to cover the poop. Roo never learned that!
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He is just the cutest little thing ever!!!!
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Cute little orange kitty! And great pictures! Congrats! I'm a little late responding but I'm catching up!
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