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OMG, I got a kitty!

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What was I thinking?

Can you believe this? I'm at my neice's birthday party and someone mentions free kitties. I'm like "what was that?" and Darrell said "free what?" And I hear about this woman who's cat had babies again and she needs to get rid of them, so they're for free.

I look at Darrell, he looks at me, and after some dicussion we decide that we could take another critter in...

pictures to come shortly (i have to reboot)
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ok here are the pics

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I'm going to keep him in either the bathroom over night and while I'm at work or in the bedroom. he's got his own food & water dish, litter and bed box. He's 7 weeks old.

Any tips?? I could sure use some right now.
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Here are a couple more pics

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Ohmygosh! What a little cutiepie! I love sleeping kitten pictures... and baby kitty paw pictures... he's so adorable! So what's the little fellow's name? (My friend's friend has an orange cat he named "Nacho Kitty". Get it? Not your kitty? Kinda odd, but cute in its own way.)
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OMG Tamme!

It's a mini Roo- He's so cute!
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OMG what a cutieeeeee pie!!!!!!!! He looks like a Neo to me!!! My boss's daughter was telling me about free kitten her friend has and i gave her the whole long talk about spaying the cat and how the spca does it cheap Of course I had to say no, I'm up to 11 kitties so more is just not an option!

But your new little one is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!
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That is too precious!!
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OMG Tamme! He is sooooooooooooooo cute! Good for you to take this little guy in!

He looks like he has an extra toe - is he a poly?
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OMG he is so beautiful!

He looks like a poly!

Dang, I want to go and adopt another cat!
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He is so cute! Was the lady so anxious to get rid of them that she couldn't keep him with mom for a few more weeks? I would get some KMR and pour it into a dish for him just to be safe along with his food. In reality, he should be with mom for at least 5 more weeks to be a well rounded kitten, but at least he is with someone who loves cats, and Roo can keep him in line! I would also take him to the vet, check him for fleas and parasites and hope he is healthy. He does look in prime health, his coat is gorgeous. I would also invest in a Snugglekittie. He will be wondering where his littermates and his mom are.
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you little one is adorable, and I love the sleeping pics too, such a tiny thing. I also agree with Hissy, probably should get her checked just to be sure everything is fine...
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OMG what a beauty . No wonder you took him .To keep him separate for a while is a good idea till you get him/her ck out by the vet to make sure the baby is ok .

my congrats to you both
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What a cutie! Those legs remind me of a jack rabbit!

Too cute!
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How precious!
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I would definitely get a FIV/FeLk test on him before you introduce him into the house.

He is handsome! What a face! I agree with Sam, he is a mini-Roo!
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well, what a little stinker!

Last night I tried giving him a little box of litter and he starting eating it! I freaked out and told Darrell to get him away from the box. He only had a few granules but still I didn't like it one bit. So, with lots of supervision I let him inspect the litter last night and he went pee! We were so happy! Then this morning at about 7 am when I had to go pee I took him to his litter box too and after a little play he went pee again! Woohoo! NOW I'm awake (11am) and I took him to the box again and he went poo!!! YAY! I feel like a new mother!

OMG! He just fell off the cat post

I'm trying to kitten proof my house and I don't know what to do. There are no holes going outside... There are wires about but none of my cats chew them (Do you think Roo will teach this little guy stuff?)

Oh yeah, Roo seems to love him now. Tigger is gone, again. Probably under the bed. The scaredy-cat.

We don't have a name for him yet. It's going to be a name in the Winnie the pooh theme, but which one is yet to be chosen.
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Way tooo cute kitten pictures. Love sleepy kitty pics.

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Here;s a couple more from this morning

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OMG, he is soooo cute! Another orangie to fall in love with!
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Name him Pooh!!!!!!!!!!
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name him Winnie!! I have always wanted a cat named winnie and with all the kitties I have I still haven't named one that

he is sooooooooo cute!! I think roo thinks he is his baby Neo and moe teach the kittens LOTS of stuff. Some good and some bad
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My M.I.L.'s cat is named Winnie. So I can't really go there...

Darrell really likes "rabbit"

And I'm on the fence with Chistopher Robin, Piglet, Kanga and Eyore.

Him and Roo are inseperable. But I have to watch them cause I don't think Roo totally knows he's a baby.
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i like kanga since him and roo are buds
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OMG, if you didn't already have the theme, I would have to say call him "Mini-me"

He's adorable! And he is a little mini-Roo.
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OMG he is just too cute, I love little baby orangies.
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I think "Kanga" is a great name.. Kanga-roo!

I'm so happy that Roo & him are getting along!

I just love him- He's so cute!

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Pooh-Bear? PB for short.
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What a georgous new baby Have you picked out his name yet?
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