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Worried about Bill

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Yesterday morning, Bill woke up with the right side of his face swollen. He says that its a sinus problem, that he's had before. He took Aleve Cold & Sinus and felt a bit better. He didn't eat much, because it was hard for him to chew. We had a can of soup in the pantry and he managed that. I went to the store and bought smoe more, this evening.

Today, it was much worse. He even took off from work, two hours early and called his doctor. They couldn't work him in but, the doc called in a scrip for antibiotics.

Bill isn't sure, now if its a sinus infection or a tooth gone bad. He's put hot packs and ice packs on it. He said that it felt worse, after the cold pack.

He went to bed, at about 5:30 and slept for about an hour. He's gone back to bed, now and has been out, for 1 1/2 hrs. Every hour or so, he wakes up, though.

If its not better, by tomorrow, I'm going to drag him to Urgent Care. In 2 1/2 years, I've never known him to be sick or take off work.
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Spider bite? That would be my first thought, or a infected tooth maybe?
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We both recognize spider bites and there's no external sign. We have condidered the tooth option.

He's hoping that its a medical problem, as he doesn't have dental insurance.

Right now, he's sleeping on his right side and I can't get a good look.
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how is he today?
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I had a similiar problem once. It was a badly abcessed(sp?) tooth, amd the infection had spread to the entire side of my jaw. The pain was absolutely unreal and there was nothing that would help lessen it!!! IMO, that's what Bill's problem is.
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He's still puffed up, like a poisoned pup but, he says that it doesn't hurt. If it was a tooth, that would hurt like the dickens.

The spider bite is a possiblity, considering that he spends most of his days, crawling around underneath construction equipment.

Bill managed to eat some scrambled eggs, this morning and he's continuing the antibiotics, just in case. He says that this has happened before, when he had a sinus infection.

Trying to figure out, if he was bitten, he was attempting to push his mustache out of the way but, it is so thick, bushy and droopy, its hard to tell. He's NOT going to shave it off, to find out.
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Does he have a fever today? If he does, I'd take him to the clinic.

I hope he's feeling better soon.
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No fever, really. For some reason, we do not have a thermometer, so I did the "mom test" - a kiss on the forehead. He seemed to be normal, in that respect.

I guess that we'll just monitor him today and give the antibiotics a chance to work. Neith er of us has to work on Monday, so he'll get some extra rest. He went back to bed at around 11:00.
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I'll be keeping Bill in my thoughts Cindy.
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Bill's feeling a bit better. He had me go to BK and get him a fish sandwich. It took a while (tiny bites) but he managed to eat that and some fries.

If he's not a lot better, tomorrow, we'll skip Tombstone. It won't do him any good to lie and say that he feels OK, 'cuz my BS detector works really well.
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I hope Bill feels better soon.
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I bought a thermometer and his temp is only 100.6. That's low-grade and it looks as though the swelling has gone down some. We're going to give the antibiotics until tomorrow.

He's been up, for several hours and is heating up some soup, right now.
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I'm glad he's feeling a little better. I'll keep him in my thoughts & prayers. Keep us posted.
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Still swollen, this morning and unable to chew. He's managed to eat scrambled eggs and he had me go get him some pudding and gelatin.

Thinking that it may be a tooth, Bill has been using a tea bag, as a poultice. It worked - something started draining and he was spitting some nasty-looking stuff.

My next campaign will be to get him to a dentist. He's as bad as I am.

We had to blow off our trip to Tombstone. He told me to go, anyway but I didn't want to go without him.
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GET HIM TO A DOCTOR! An infected tooth scares me. I don't mean to be posting a shocker story to scare you, but less than a year ago a teacher I worked with had an infected tooth that he didn't get the proper attention for in time. It resulted in some kind of blood infection, and he died! Please have Bill see someone else.
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Thanks, Deb. I know about septicemia, from abscessed teeth. He's on some pretty potent antibiotics, though and a dentist isn't going to touch that tooth until the infection is knocked down. He's taking 2000 mg of amoxicillin, per day.
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Just had me concerned, Cindy. Just make sure his condition is being monitored until this thing clears up.

Hope Bill is back to healthy soon.
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Hope he gets in to have it checked. I don't blame you for being worried.

Rashid is allergic to hair dye. His face swells up something terrible for days. Everytime I catch him looking at hair dye now I warn him... "DON'T YOU DARE BUDDY!"
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Amoxicilan should keep the infection at bay. Do get him to the doc soon!!! That has to suck!!!! My wisdom teeth did that before I had them yanked out!!! Also see if he can rinse it out with warm salt water. Keep us updated on him!!! Sending you prayers and meows
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boy do i feel for him, i am just getting over a real bad ear infection and the side of my face was swollen and my jaw even hurt, but he would know if it was a ear problem, i really hope he gets better soon, i will send some (((get well vibes to him)))
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This afternoon, he decided that he was ready for some solid food and had me srive him to Nico's, for some takeout cheese enchiladas. He ate the whole thing, with rice and beans. So far, so good.
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