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How to get wax out of fur?

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I had my scented wax warmer going today and at some point when I was out of the room Panda and Bailey decided they were going to be trouble makers and somehow have wax caked into their fur. Bailey has the tip of his tail covered, how this happened I don't know, and Panda has some on his paws and a tiny bit on his head. With the location of the wax I don't think I can even attempt to cut it out. Is there anything I can use to get it out easily?
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the only way I know of removing wax in general is by freezing it.. not sure how that'd work on cats!

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If the cat will let you, ice cubes might get the wax cold enough to get most of it out.

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AW I used to be a groomer and the only way to really get wax out is to soften it up again either by a warm bath or a hot air blow dryer. Then use a fine toothed comb to pick out the wax. It is very tedius and the cat has to be patient laughing02.gif It is a lot of work and most times the cat's are just shaved on the spots where the wax is. nervousy.gif GOOD LUCK.... and scritches to that darling little Cloud love.gifheartpump.gif
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Thanks everyone, I tried ice and it helped some, but they were getting annoyed. I ended up putting them in a warm bath and I guess since it is warming wax it might be softer (?) I was able to come it out fairly easily, and I took some hair with it but they didn't seem to mind too much, they tend to be submissive in the bath at least. Hopefully they leave the warmer alone from now on. And of course some scritches for sweet little Cloud, he is hanging out on the bed with me right now.

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