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An atheist was walking through woods, enjoying the trees, birds and a stream. Suddenly, a bear appeared and went after him.

The man ran, for all that he was worth but tripped and fell. The bear was almost on him, when the atheist said, "Oh, my God!"

Time stopped. The birds stopped singing, the stream stopped flowing and the bear froze.

A bright light appeared and a voice spoke: "You have spent your life denying Me. You have taught others that I don't exist. You have attributed Creation to a cosmic accident. Now, you want Me to save you. Does this mean that you're a believer?"

The atheist said, "Oh, no. That would be hypocritical but, You could make the BEAR a Christian."

"So be it," said the voice.

The stream began flowing, the birds began singing and the bear dropped to its knees, placed its front paws together: "Lord, I give Thee thanks, for the food that I am about to receive....."
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That is a great one!
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I heard it befor , but that is a good one to laugh again
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now that's a good one!!LOL!!
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Thanks for sharing!
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