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To my Precious little Stanley (A Tribute & Good-bye)

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My soul aches for you my adorable little flat faced boy. Your voice was so beautiful, like the tinkling of bells when you spoke. Your beautiful eyes, like huge amber orbs, warmed my heart. Your sweet gentle spirit brought peace and tranquility to this rather chaotic home. You were the quiet one.

While the others would go about mealtimes with agression, you stood back and waited until they had had their fill, then you would quietly go and eat, although you always wanted me in the kitchen with you when you ate. I always thought that was so cute of you.

You did have your impish side though. Especially, when you would lie in wait to chase old Snoopy across the room. I think you knew it made him mad, and you got a kick out of teasing him. However, you dearly loved the dog Strutter, and he loved you. Maybe it was because you both had long hair, or maybe because you made Strutter feel comfortable in knowing you would never bat or scratch at him.

I didn't know you were sick, Stanley, not until you stopped eating completely. I feel so badly about that. I feel like I should have known, because you were losing weight, although it was hard to tell under all of your long hair. I even remember telling myself that I needed to buy different food for you, so you would put on weight. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair, that you only lived to be two.

I will miss you my little Boom Boom Boy. I will miss the dulcet tones of your sweet soft voice, and your happy greetings each morning when I came home from work. It hurts so much that I will never see you again, at least not on this earth. My life has been enhanced by having you in it, and I thank you for sharing your life with me, if only for a little while.

Good-bye my little Stanley. I love you, and I hope you have a joyous time at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Absolutely beautiful Hope! I'm sure he's smiling down at you right now!
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A beautiful tribute, Hope. Stanley was very loved, and he knew more love in his short two years with you than many of us know in a lifetime.
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That is a lovely tribute to your sweet Stanley, Hope.
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that's a wonderful tribute to stanley... i'm sure he can hear whatever u wish to say to him...
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Lovely Tribute to stanley hope.. Rip little man

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Lovely tribute. (Hug) :angel2:
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Very nice tribute.
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Those words make me cry . Rest in peace sweet Stainley .
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that was beautiful

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RIP Stanley
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Such a wonderful tribute to your Stanley. Hope, our hearts go out to you. Always remember the joy he brought into your life and know you loved him and made him happy too. May he RIP
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That's a beautiful tribute to Stanley.
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Beautiful tribute to Stanley Hope.

He's looking down on you from above with a smile on his face.

RIP Stanley.

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