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shelter vs. breeder

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I am in the process of looking to add a new addition to our family. I would like to adopt another shelter kitty but at the same time I have my eye on a ragdoll. My husband says no way are we paying that much for a cat when we can go down and rescue one. But I love the look of the raggie and also I have read about their extremely sweet personalities. I am sure there are many who have been in this kind of situation and I was wondering if anyone can offer any opinions or viewpoints on adopting vs. buying?
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Maybe if you looked at petfinder.com you might find a ragdoll that needs to be adopted? Just an idea.
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Your hubby is smart!
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Well , you can look at Pets finder , maybe they have something you like in your area .
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There are a lot of cats in shelters that need homes. I hope you will go with your hubby's choice and get a shelter cat - they are wonderful, I know, I adopted my babies.
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I found these Ragdolls in your area (Chicago). Aren't the just precious?
Sweet Pea
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I own 2 purebreed Ragdolls......and I tell ya they are awesome animals. I would suggest the same as the others and go to Petfinder and do a search on Ragdolls. I have and have found quite a few. Good luck finding that special Raggie
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I saw a Ragdoll at a shelter in Kansas City this afternoon. Shelter cats are the way to go!
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I have a Ragdoll, an Abyssinian and a Russian Blue mix (among others, LOL). All came from shelters! Right now the shelter where I volunteer has an Ocicat!

Adopt a shelter kittie, and save a life. There are a lot of purebred cats out there in shelters,too. Petfinder is the way to go. Best of luck!
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ADOPT, from a shelter, most of these poor orphans get put to sleep because they cant get homes, im a firm believer in rescueing from shelters or take in a poor stray.
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Okay, you guys are right. I would never have gotten my hubby to agree to pay $500 anyway but I could have nagged. I have been looking on Petfinder and also rescue groups but there arent that many that are close to me. Travel is a no go. I will be patient and see how things turn out.
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This is from the National Abyssinian Rescue site:

"Chicago area. Jasmine is a ruddy Aby that is ten years old and has to be placed due to severe allergies on the part of the twin babies. The pediatrician is insisting. Her owner describes her this way

"Jasmine is incredibly loyal and loves children (we have three little girls aged 3 and under). She is also versatile -- as willing to nap in a patch of sunlight as play, depending on the mood of the people around her. She had a brother who died of cancer several months ago. She loved to play with him and would tolerate his more aggressive personality. She also lives with a dog with no problem.

She has moved with me from Chicago, to D.C. and back to Chicago again and never had any adjustment issues. She has a wonderful appetite and usually cleans her bowl. Still, she is incredibly whisp-like -- a good thing for her since she loves to be carried around. She purrs easily, seeks out cuddles, and has truly been the most wonderful cat I've known. I'm hoping that she'll end up with a family or individual who appreciates her as much as I'm sure she'll appreciate them -- that's just the kind of cat she is. I am so sorry to have to give her up for adoption -- if not for my twins' severe allergy, I would never dream of it."
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Hello- I will say save a life but if you wont to know all the background information in your cats life- get proper care details for it and stuff- go for a kitten from a breeder- you may even be able to show it.

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I hope you find your ragdoll! Keep an eye on petfinder.com!
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Ragdolls are awesome! I just got one in May, and she is the most adorable little sweetie! She just flops over in my arms when I hold her. I love her to death. I got her from a breeder, primarily because my fiance is (or was, now, since we got Luna) not a cat person at all, and he felt more comfortable knowing the cat's background. I do fully support rescue, though, and if you can get a rescue Ragdoll, that would be terrific!

This website was posted by a member a while ago, and is the website of a Purebred Rescue group. I noticed that they have a couple Ragdolls coming in mid-September that they need to place. You may wanna take a look:
Purebred Cat Rescue

Not matter what you decide on, I wish you the best of luck in finding your new kitty!
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