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Saturday Thread* the weekend is FINALLY here*

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It's saturday here in Singapore..probably a Fri night over in the other part of the world.. how's the weekend gonna be?? I'm gonna laze around for the sat afternoon..probably give myself a good face scrub and mask... a good exfoliating scrub for my body.. boy, i can hardly wait... laze around, read something then go down to starbucks for a cuppa hazelnut latte before going down to town in the evening to meet my high school mates for a drink..haven't met them for a couple of yrs... not sure abt sun though... might go for a movie...probably SWAT with my friends.... lazy weekend....
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It's still Friday night here, but my big plans for tomorrow consist of watching College Football!
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I have to work both days.Hotel's never close!
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i know what u mean sherral... it kinda sucks when u see ppl enjoying their weekends and u are slogging your butts off
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By 10:30, this morning, I had run a load in the dishwasher, started a load in the clothes washer, pruned my eyebrows, filled up my car, gone to the library, gotten my hair cut, and bought stamps and Powerball tickets. A little later, I'll take care of my hair color.

Two more loads of laundry and I'll be done, for the day. Hopefully, Bill will feel up to going to Tombstone, tomorrow.
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I am going to plant some new plants I bought yesterday.
Read some of my new Dean Koontz(sp) book
Go to Starbucks and get a triple Latte.

Try and get some rest, I was up till 5am with Arthritis pain, no matter what I tried I did not get relief until exhaustion set in.

I play hearts and spades on the web, and I might get in a tourney.

I would love to go shopping at Home Depot to get some more trees, but it is so hot outside over ninety.
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i just did my daily 15 resume sends for the day lol, and there were actually a few new good jobs posted since thurs..

I also attempted to dye my hair blonde which didn't really work..

Now I'm off to the Pilgrimage.. This is my fave weekend of the year. Near my house is this nunnery/retreat center and every labor day weekend they have an annual pilgrimage which people from our religion travel from all over to attend.. Me and my family go to eat, pray, enjoy the outdoors, and reflect on our lives.. I've been going since birth and if I ever leave this area I will come back every year just for that. They even have candle light processions and we have to sit in the grass for church Unfortunately it rained so my butt might get soggy
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