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Rabies Vaccinations: One or Three Year?

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While I had Simon at the vet last night (for his coughing/ vomiting), I overheard the other feline vet telling a client that her cat could get the one- or three-year rabies vaccine. I'm confused because I thought I'd heard that the one-year vaccine can remain in a cat's system for up to three years, which is why some vets only give it every three years now. I didn't even know that they offer a three-year vaccine. And how long does that *really* last, pray tell? Six years or more???

What I want to know is this: Is it best to give a one-year "dose" of the rabies vaccine and get it every three years? Or is it best to get a three-year vaccine every (duh) three years?
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I only get the one year vaccines for my cats, the reason being that the 3-yr rabies is more likely to cause a vaccine-induced sarcoma.
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Get your animals vaccinated every three years or don't get them vaccinated at all. Getting your cats vaccinated every year will do more damage to your cat's then good. There is a new practice with vets in Saskatchewan that will only let their animals get vaccinated every three years.
If you would like to read more on Vaccinating there is a GREAT chapter in this book "Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs" by... I can't recall the author on the top of my head but if your interested I'll find out for you.

Too many horror stories with vaccinations for me to even begin with...
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Mine get the 3yr. vaccine. I did'nt even know there was a 1yr. vaccine for rabies.
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Are you forgetting about this thread?

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They do make both 1 and 3 year vaccines. I did talk to a person in veterinary research about 6 months ago. She pretty much said that they 1 and 3 year vaccine is the same, only the one year is only labled for a year. At the clinic I work for, we only use the 3 year vaccine. However, the amount of time between vaccines is mandated by each State. An animals first rabies is ALWAYS only good for 1 year, and then they go by state law. Here in this area, CT is 3 year, RI is 2 year. In our area, the Animal control officer actually does sweeps every so often to check Rabies certificates. It's a HEFTY fine if you aren't up to date.
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I think my vet gives the one year vac every other year.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Are you forgetting about this thread?

Nope, I haven't. This time, I'm asking if a one-year vaccine can be given every three years, or if a three-year vaccine is what's needed to wait every three years.
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I've always understood that the one-year and three-year vaccines were different. What is permitted is regulated by state law. I do it like Sue (Mom of 10 Cats) - as I've been advised by vets that the 3-year vaccine is more likely to cause vaccine-induced sarcomas. I personally would probably have JC vaccinated against rabies even if he were an exclusively indoor cat, as I had a very frightening experience as a child - a rabid bat got into our house.
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This is a dumb question, but does the tag/paper that's proof of the rabies vaccine say it's only a 1 year? Or is the tag a different colour? If not, I'd try the 1 year every two years. I've had a cat that wasn't sick for a full 18 years, I bet partly because of avoiding vaccines. The indoor cat point is a good one re. animals getting INside - we hada city raccoon get in thru a basement window. (he was in the room up two flights where there are 3 gerbil cages ! but we chased him out ok and he went out the same way he came. what a scare 3 a.m..... cats were sleeping on top floor above raccoon, in our bedroom !)
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The Rabies certificate is what you are supposed to have (per law) and it usually tells you what kind of vaccine, length, serial # and Lot ex. The tags they issue, usually just have the year it was given.
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