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Favorite scent?

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What perfume, cologne, oil, musks, do you typically wear, like or would like to have but can't afford it?

I really like Bulgari's new perfume Omnia but it is very expensive. So I bought some samples from e-bay.

I used to typically wear jasmine or gardenia or egyptian musk, but ran out.
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My favorite perfumes are Opium, Obsession, and White Shoulders. I also like Calyx, Skin Musk and Liz Claiborne.

I often use essential oils as perfumes. I have in the past made some of my own blends, but I haven't head time for that in a while.
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I love all the Bath and Body Works scents! Right now my fave one from there is called Sweet Pea. I've had lots of compliments on it too.

As for perfume, I really like Nautica for women and Cool Water for women.
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i use the Body Shop's African Spa body mist.. i have a sensitive nose and the body mist is one of the few which I can withstand... or rather my nose could...
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wind song
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My absolute favorite is Fleur d'Interdit by Givenchy but it's been discontinued and is getting harder and harder to find.

Mariel by H2O+ is a wonderful cool & light scent, and I have some Vanilla Musk oil from the health food store for when I want to smell yummy. The health food store actually has lots of yummy scents, and they're not expensive, either!

Tatiana (an old fragrance I found in the perfume store while buying my Fleur stuff) is great too...smells of jasmine & spice...mmmmmm

Oscar de la Renta (my husband loves it)

And another vote for sweet pea - I have to stay away from Bath & Body works most of the time or I'd never have any money! They're fabulous.

I don't shop for perfume often - there's just so much to choose from it boggles the senses! I'm picky & have to wear each scent all day to try it out, so shopping takes forever, too. Not that that's bad or anything!
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White Shoulders
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Innisfree - an Irish perfume that I buy at an Irish imports shop in town. I love it!

I also like Ysatis by Givenchy - nice!
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My all time fave is Casmir by Chopard I love that...
I also like Havana
and evere by erno lazlo
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I don't wear any only for Sundays , thats when I go to church . Then I only use Haiku (sp) from Avon . I am cheap with myself
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i cant use perfumes, they give me a real bad headache, but i can use a body mist by calgon called morning glory, and i love smeels real fresh and clean
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My absolute fave is Intutiion by Estee Lauder. My next favorite is Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne.
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I'm a Liz Claiborne girl.
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I've been using Giorgio, since 1985 and haven't found anything, that I like better. I'm sensitive to scents and a lot of perfumes make me nauseous.

On a man, I love Stetson. I even got Bill to change his aftershave, for me.
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