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Funny Kitties!

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Thought it would be fun to post the funniest pics of your kitties. Could just be a funny pic, or a funny story with the picture.

I only have funny pics of Trent because Ophelia is entirely too dignified to allow herself to be photographed being silly.

This one is of Trent with his stash of balls. It seemed like every day Trent would come asking for another sparkle ball. Earl, being the attentive Daddy, would give him a couple. And a couple days later Trent would ask for more! I couldn't figure out why I had to keep buying bags and bags of balls, but hey - they are cheap. No big deal. Well, one day I see Trent playing with a sparkle ball in the bathroom. I'm watching him, and see that he has lost it under the foot massager. So I lift it up, and it was FILLED with balls! Honestly, there are almost 70 balls in this picture. Trent was a little overwhelmed and didn't know what to do with ALL THOSE BALLS!!!

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OMG that is a lot of balls!

He must have been hiding them for a rainy day!

Trent is just gorgeous! I want to kiss and scritch him!
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lol!!! That is a cute pic!!!!

I probly have a gazillion of Zoey being funny. I will try to pick just one
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Here's my bunch...they're always acting goofy!
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This one makes me laugh.. Zoey trying to grab my bf's hands from under the table

Most of the funny pics I have of Zoey I've posted in the Silly Cat Poses thread
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Love the pics, that's a lotaballs!! Don't have any to post....yet!
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These photos are all so funny, I think they should be in the "Caption This" section.

That first one of Trent with all of the balls made me think of that old episode of the original Star Trek, "The Trouble With Tribbles!"

Shell's three cats all look like they are thinking
"I'm not gonna touch it, you touch it!"

Zoey's little hands made me think of the monsters under the bed that kids always think are going to grab them!
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great pics, loved them, I will have to try and grab some of these two catching a moth or chsing each other around the house at high speed...
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Come on, I know you all have funny pics of your kitties!!!
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Here is nelson cleaning himself - not super-silly but still a kinda funny pic...

He doesn't realise that he is a boy cat and that means pink ribbons are out! :-P
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LOL Cute Pictures!
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those are funny! I have one and only one that most of you all have seen..
here's fang kitty
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Here's some of mine.. Spike LOVES this stuffed cat and would carry it around in his mouth and sleep with it. LOVED this pic of him yawning while cuddling with the stuffed cat!
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Here's a pic of Buddy watching as Spike tried to swat him from inside the box. They do that ALL the time!
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