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Looking for cat writers

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We are looking for stories about you and your cat that are different, heart warming, funny or unique. If accepted, your story will appear in our new section Cat Snips so everyone can enjoy it. This is a new thing we are trying, and although we welcome rescue stories, we are really looking for something different, that our over 9,000 visitors and guests can enjoy. Did you take your cat on a vacation with you? Or leave your cat behind in the care of a pet sitter and come back to a wrecked house? Or???

If you like to write and have something that you would like us to consider please email it to maryanne@thecatsite.com
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That is a great idea , I sure would love to read them . To bad I cant never spell right .
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What length? I have a longish piece I wrote in the weeks after Gryphon died. At that time, it was just therapy for a shattered human, but since then I've wondered if it might have a life other than that. However, it is on the long side -- if I remember correctly, I checked it at one point and found it to be somewhere between 5000 and 6000 words. If that's too long, just say so, and I won't waste your time with it. If you think it might be appropriate, I'll send it along.
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Send it, but please know we do retain the right to edit it down. You will of course be able to see the piece prior to it going online if it is accepted.

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I submitted something last night, don't know if you are looking for Cat Writers anymore or not. Just was wondering if you received it.

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I have been working on other articles around the 1st is deadlining time so my emails don't get read on time. I will get back with you I promise

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Oh no! I didn't mean to sound rude, I was just wondering if you received it! I fhave problems sometimes with people not getting my e-mails is all. Sorry to have sounded harsh about!
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no problem I am wading through emails now
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