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Not performing correctly...

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I don't know what else to call it, and it's not my Opera Browser, because it's doing the same thing in Firefox. But it is not doing this on my phone. The problems:

When I open TCS, it's like it opens a cached version.

New threads in forums are not appearing. Again, I have to control+refresh.

If a new post has been added to a thread I've read, and I click on the thread, I don't see it - unless I control+refresh.

I get notices of having received new PMs - PMs I've already read. The only way to see a new one is again, to control+refresh. If I reply to one, as soon as I head to the forums, I get a notification of a new PM - the one I sent, not a new PM.

Just thought I'd let someone know in case there's something that can be done about it, or maybe I'm not the only one with a problem.
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Is it still doing it? Sometimes when stuff like that happens it's because the tech people are working on something in the background.
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Firefox is working fine now, but Opera's still a problem. rolleyes.gif Thanks for asking!
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