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Black Kitty Needs Home

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He's being fostered by one of the Vet assistants. He is SO CUTE! He's 3 - 4 weeks old, and is just starting to eat wet food. He was found walking in the middle of a State Highway in Blairstown, NJ. Thank God someone very kindly stopped to pick him up before he'd gotten hurt or run over! They dropped him off at the Blairstown Animal Hospital. The no-kill shelters around here are full. We acted as angels, and the vet assistant is caring for him.

If you are interested, please Private Message or e-mail me ( ).

Where you live is not a consideration. We will deal with transportation if necessary.

We do have a rigorous adoption screening process.
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awwwww what a cutie
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OMG what a doll! I hope he finds a very good home!
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How adorable is he!!!! I seriously want him. I'll pm you with a few questions. I don't think you'll have any problem finding him a home. Again, thank goodness he found such wonderful people to take care of him until he finds his forever home.
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OMG, if the darn apartment would just allow three cats..... He's adorable!!!
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He's gorgeous, I hope he finds the purrfect home.
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What a cutie!!! I want! I want! Seriously, I'd take him but I think everyone knows how Alex feels about me getting another cat. Waaaaaa!!!!
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Any takers yet ???
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We had one hubby who said no, and the Vet hasn't found anyone either. But the Vet doesn't have any other homeless kitties right now, so with him romping around in the reception area, I'm sure it won't be too long. Got my fingers crossed!
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Awwww!! With that little face running around the office he'll be adopted in no time!

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Everybody wants him, but no one can take him. No takers for the little cutie yet!
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no takers ??? I would think with a face like that he would have found already a home . Be sure I would like him
Maybe there is sombody very special out there for him , they just did not come by yet .
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We've been doing our usual asking around, but everyone seems to be full up.

If my vet would fill out that reference form, the little black kitty's pic would be up on Petfinder!
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Our little black boy found a home!!! He went to his new home yesterday.

It was a single woman in her 40s who moved back to the area from the city. She had a home built out here, and all the construction and everything is done. She was ready for a companion, and he leapt right into her heart.

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I'm so happy to hear that. I was going to email you last night to find out what was going on with the little guy - must've known something good had happened for him. I still wish hubby would've let me take him - but I'm sure he'll have a wonderful home with LOTS of love and attention! Hurray!!!
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YAY! That's great Laurie! I'm so glad the little guy has a great new home.
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That is awesome news!!!!! Another feral feather in your rescue cap!
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Oh so glad the black kitty found a home!
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that is great news
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Yayyy!! I've been thinking about him
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I'm so excited that y'all saved another one! Broav!
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