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spitting kitten

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This is cute. My 6 month old kitten was chasing a fly. After an impressive jump and failed to catch the fly, he started to make spitting noise at the fly. Is this how he is showing aggression?

Also, the kitten loves to paw Tiki (at least 2-3 times bigger) on the floor and lick her to death and sneak in a few bites at times. Tiki really doesn't seem to care for it, she growl, hiss, and gentally push the kitten away every 5 minutes. I think Tigger the kitten just want to be friends. Is Tiki always going to be so dis-interested?
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It sounds like he was just chattering. They usually do it while they are hunting things
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My friend just reported that her 18 year old cat Escher started playing with her 5 month old kittens this morning for the first time. She took the kittens in when they were 5 weeks old, so it has been close to 4 months in the house. Escher hasn't played with another cat in 10 years. There is always hope that cats will play with kittens. They often can't resist them.
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