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Hairball Control Food

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I've been feeding Streak Science Diet food since I first adopted him. He made it clear that he prefers dry food and I'm cool with that since it costs less and he drinks enough water.

When he gets hairballs they make him really sick. Diarhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. He doesn't like hairball remedy that comes in a tube, but the hairball treats are Ok. Not great, but Ok.

So, when I went to PetsMart to buy a new bag of food, I bought one bag of the regular stuff and one bag of Hairball Prevention Formula with the intention of mixing the two. When I got home and read the label on the hairball stuff, it said not to mix it with any other kind. Wish the salesclerk had mentioned that.

Well, he doesn't like the taste of the hairball stuff as well as the regular. I'm still in the mixing stage of switching him over. What I'm wondering is how long a period of time will it take to get rid of any accumulated hair in his belly? I'd kinda like to put him on hairball formula from time to time when he's shedding heavily (which he isn't now) but feed him the regular stuff most of the time.

What do you folks think?

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I havn't used the Hairball control since it first came out. I am not sure why they say not to mix the food, but I would assume it's because you won't see it's full effect. What you are doing is correct. To switch him right over, may upset his tummy.
I am not a big fan of the hairball formulas for a steady diet, so what I started to do is add Fish oil to the dry food a few times a week. Of course, most of the cats don't mind a little fish taste, so they eat it with no problems. You can get the oil from most pet stores, and it's easy. Just another thought for ya
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