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Rescued Kitten

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I'm received these e-mails from a lady who works for a vet we often use. Anyway this is a very touching and heartwarming story and thought maybe someone out there would want, or know of someone that would provide this kitten with a loving indoor only home. If so, please let me know or forward this note on...

Here's the first part of the story:

I was off work yesterday and on my way to an appointment. A little (maybe 6week old) kitten was in the turn lane on 51st ave S of Indian School. He was face down and looked dead but not completely squashed. It was after 9am and already hot. The traffic was horrendous. He certainly looked dead, but I could not force myself to continue. I pulled onto a side street and walked back down the road. To my horror I saw him lift his head and in excruciating effort drag both hind legs. He moved about an inch toward the northbound traffic, wheels missing him by inches. I reflexively stepped into the street, but then looked left to see a big green and white semi coming at me. I stepped back in time but had to wait. First reasonable chance I was in the street.

I got him. He is doing well and doesn't seem so far to have a broken back. Dr J has not done x rays yet. When he felt better he spit at me. (I think he was feral) but by the end of the day he was eating and drinking from a dish Dr. J held for him. He can't sit or stand yet. Not even sure he will make it.

Followup note:

Kitten has fx pelvis and broken femoral head and head injury (concussion). May not have to have sx or anything but cage rest. Dr. J was handfeeding him when I walked in. He looks great. Must have decided not to spit anymore. He needs a really special home! He needs to be strictly indoors though.

Most recent status (from K & L):

We stopped by the vet's office to see this poor kitten. He appears to be doing well. They are discouraging him from trying to walk for a few more days to allow the healing process to continue. Though recently awakened from a nap, he seemed pretty happy and comfortable. He started meowing at us soon after we held him. He's beautiful, with little tiger-stripes and orange and brown coloring. He's still very small - probably only about 6 weeks - maybe less. Please help us find a place for this little trooper to happily spend his remaining eight lives.
Latest Update:

Flash on camera made his eyes look funny. His fractured pelvis and broken hip seem to be healing well. This was taken Sunday.
For those of you that didn't hear..... He was hit and in the turn lane on 51st ave near Indian School. It was rush hour and he looked dead. I had to stop and check, and he wasn't. This little guy won't need surgery and should make a full recovery. He is only about 6weeks old. He's sitting funny because he still hurts. It's only been a week.

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What a sweet baby! I hope he finds the purrfect forever home. How wonderful that she stopped for him.
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This is the type of stories that newspaper reporters eat up. Publicity for this kitty could net him a benefactor and a wonderful home. I would be writing all the papers in your area telling them about this courageous little guy!
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What an !!!!

May she be blessed for having mercy and pity on this kitten.
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awww what a sweet little kitten! He is so lucky to have gotten rescued!
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What a wonderful person you are to have rescued him! You are an angel!
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What a cutie! Has he found a home yet?
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YES!!! We found him a home over the weekend. They decided to name him Shroeder!
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I just happen to this thread . Well how wonderfull that this cute guy found a furrever home .
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Oh! I just read this thread. It is such a very sad and a very happy thread all at the same time. Bravo to the person who took the chance to save this poor kitten from certain death!

Thanks for sharing this with us.
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That just made my day. I am so glad he has a good home.
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