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Every time I clean the litterbox

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There's a LINE to get in afterwards!  (We only have 1, a large Sterilite tub.)  


Sometimes, I see one of them leaving the bathroom just before I clean it, and they STILL go back in after it's scooped!  laughing02.gif  Crazy territorial kitties!

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laughing02.gif I only have one cat, so there is no line, but he does always use the box after I scoop!
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Twice a day l scoup, and Sophie sits and waits patiently until i've scouped before she goes to deposit the tiniest amount she can laughing02.gif  Seriously, she loves getting in the litter trays first after they've been scouped. And if l put fresh litter in, she uses one to pee in, then goes to the other box to poop in

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Ours is in the basement so Trout doesn't always follow me down when I go...or else she would go in right away too!

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Imagine a line up of 11! lol2.gif Mine do this, the fosters do this... I don't think I've ever had a kitty who doesn't, little buggers. LOL

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laughing02.gif That drives me nuts crazy.gif. I have five large litterboxes and it seems as soon as I start the whole cleaning/dumping process they ALL need to use the "facilities" rolleyes02.gif: I even have tried to clean boxes in the mid afternoon when they are all napping. NOPE - they awaken and arrive ready and waiting for the fresh litter bluelaugh.gif
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Yup, times 7.  I scoop our 6 boxes at least 5 times a day, and usually last thing at night, I hold the scoop after I'm finished, because I KNOW they'll be baaaaaack wait.gif

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laughing02.gif laughing02.gif Glad to know my kitties aren't weird!  Or, um, THAT weird, anyway wink.gif

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Same here. I wonder if maybe the sound of us moving around the litter is like the sound of running water to humans? just makes you want to go, ya know? laughing02.gif


By the way, this thread could really use some pictures!

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I purposely took the camera up because l'd put fresh litter in,  so l knew Sophie would definitely go on   laughing02.gif






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One of my cats is the opposite, and prefers to go pee just before I change the litter. It's quite annoying since the clumps are never solid enough that soon, but there's not much I can do when he waits until I open the closet door to scoop the box in there, then he runs in front of me and starts digging in the litter. He has to be planning this, because that box is the second one I scoop every night, so he watches me scoop the first one, then sprints ahead and uses the second one.

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Tumbles stands between my legs as I scoop.  Sometimes, he'll hop it while I'm scooping!!  When we completely empty, clean, and refill the box, Hannah comes running from where she is in the house to use the box.  Once, she hopped in as I was lifting the box to carry it to the spare bedroom and peed in it en route!

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I have a 4-litter pans to 2-kitties ratio, two upstairs and two downstairs.  Both of the kitties now have to "christen" all of the litter boxes every a.m. and p.m., when I clean them.   Tater Sue is a "litter kicker"..  Mai Tai is very prissy and neat, you can hardly tell she's been in there, save "the evidence".. 


Here is the weirdest thing:  They rotate locations every other day, one cat goes upstairs, one downstairs.  I can tell because one day there will be scattered litter upstairs, and it will be neat and tidy downstairs..  The next day, it will be a mess downstairs, and it will be neat and tidy upstairs.  It is like living with Felix Unger and Oscar Madison from "The Odd Couple"..  laughing02.gif


Tater Sue is the new addition, I've had her since New Years 2012.  Mai Tai I have had since Christmas 2010.  I know that they are still working out some territorial boundaries, as Mai Tai has become more reserved and more of a "bush dweller"  post Tater's integration (we're working on boosting her self-confidence), but it is entertaining to see how they are working out the time-sharing schedule with "the facilities"..think.gif

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laughing02.gif I have two cats, two boxes. I know I technically should have one more, but I just don't have the space. When it was just Holland I only had one, and she has never had problems. I always read about how some cats like one box to pee in and one to poop in, and sure enough, once we adopted Daymon and added the second box, it seems that I'm scooping pee clumps out of one box and poop out of the other. rolleyes.gif


Holland has become my "litter box monitor", she always watches me when I scoop the boxes. She almost always gets in one of them when I'm done, but doesn't always go. Little weirdo.

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Originally Posted by rad65 View Post

One of my cats is the opposite, and prefers to go pee just before I change the litter. It's quite annoying since the clumps are never solid enough that soon

Try changing your litter. The one l use is Golden Gray Odour and it's excellent!. It's like fine sand and has a really high absorbancy that means you can scoup straight after.


It's from Canada, so if l can get it here in the UK l would imagine you should?



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i have 2 cats and they always use the cat tray straight away when its been cleaned even though they use it before it has been cleaned

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