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Pasteurized or Unpasteurized Goat's Milk for cats and kittens?

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I want to give them Goat's milk occasionally but the store has Pasteurized and Unpasteurized Goat's Milk. Which one is ok to feed for my cats and kittens? Please help

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Wow, they sell unpasteurized milk where you live? That's cool--they definitely aren't allowed to sell raw milk in stores in the U.S. Anyway, raw milk is usually more nutritious. But there's a reason for pasteurization. . .to kill harmful germs that can make you sick. So only use raw milk if you know it's fresh and you trust the source to have handled it properly. Although I don't think cats are as susceptible to those germs as humans are.

Adult cats don't need milk. So only give it to your kitties as an occasional treat.
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Yes I just said to the seller I want to buy Goat's milk and he said which one I want unpasteurized or pasteurized so I don't know what to choose yet.    I just buy unpasteurized since it is more healthier to feed my kittens? If it is unpasteurized should I give it to them like once a day? Or should it be like occasional like once or twice a week?

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And also the bottle is 1 liter and they said it will only last for 5 days. If I put it in the freezer will it last longer? 

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Neither your cat or your kittens need milk.  They should have clean water available at all times.



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Goat's milk is generally considered fine for cats if you really want to give it to them. Freezing the milk should be fine too; we always freeze our milk bags.
However, there is no need to give your cats milk - fresh water out all the time would be much better.
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I live in Colorado and Answers A+ makes raw foods as well as raw goats milk.  It does say not for human consumption but I know a few people at the pet store use it in their coffee and drink it too.  I would like for BooBoo to drink it but she eats Rad Cat and rarely drinks water.  My Pug eats raw and I mix it in with her food and she loves it.


Here is a link:

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