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Big sores on cats fur/skin

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I have a stray cat and she has big soars on her skin for about one and a half years. It used to be smaller but became bigger. I never showed her to vet with the soars but gave some medications from allergy that seemed to help temporarily. I took a few pictures .Just wanted to hear a professional opinion.

















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Hi Alex. wavey.gif Welcome to TCS. What is your kitty's name?

You've found a great place to come to get opinions and personal experience in cat care. However, we are not professionals and and cannot take the place of a vet. Those sores look bad, but there are so many things that could cause them, there's no way of telling for sure from pictures. Please take your girl to a vet as soon as possible. Also, it's not a good idea to give your medicine to your cat. Many things that work for humans are dangerous for cats.

I edited your post so the pictures show up in the message. I think I may have missed a couple of the pictures. Sorry frown.gif but I the ones that are still there show the sores pretty well.
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Thank you so much for helping me out with editing.

The cat (girl) name is Tigris. She is more than 4 years old (at least we start taking care of her than).

She brought many kittens in the beginning so about 2.5 years ago (August 2009) we took her to a vet and she got neutered.

Since then she is not so happy as before and developed since May 2010 those weird sores, that became much more serious recently.

She also peed a couple of times in her kitty house in the last month.


I also got a bit confused in the beginning as my fiancee taking care of her more.

So we gave her for a bout 3 weeks special antibiotics for cats that we bought in pet store.

Also we heard she might have allergy and excluded chicken from her diet. It was last summer and she got a bit better, also during the winter ( we live in Toronto, Canada  and winters here are cold ) the sores became lighter, but with spring and warmer weather it got really bad.

Also to mention she has a kitty house, like a doggy booth and sometimes entered the house to stay overnight if it was chilly and cold outside ( can be -10 - (-15) degrees at night )

We also have difficulty to catch her and get to the vet.

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It might be difficult to catch her and take her to the vets, but that is what she needs.  If you had sores like that, would you ask a bunch of unqualified strangers or go do the doctor?

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I agree; she needs to go to the vet.  Even assuming it's "just" allergies, that is some horrible allergy.

Looks to me more like an old wound gone bad, self-inflicted from scratching or from another cat.

If necessary, trap her in a human trap and take her to the vet.

Oh and thanks for getting Tigris fixed so she can't have any more kittens!

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WELCOME TO TCS!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw your post this morning and as a matter of fact, my feral cat, Willow, has the same sores as your Tigris!!!!!!!! He just started with these sores two weeks ago. I hadn't seen him for over a month and was getting worried. We had VERY, VERY extreme hot temperatures in March. Eighty degrees straight for ten days. Then I saw Willow return after the heat spell. He has a huge bloody sore on his side and over his back. eek.gif I have been trying desperately to trap him since that day. It took two weeks, but I trapped him this morning clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif (he is extremely fierce) and ran him up to my TNR vet for a check up. He knew right away what it was. It is called a "Hot Spot". My TNR vet said he has seen many of these sores lately on the feral cat's due to the extreme high heat/humidity we had in March. Especially the long haired cat's but even some of the short haired cat's as well. The cat's basically baked under their long, thick winter coats due to the extremely high temperatures. He sweat so badly under his coat that his skin was constantly moist causing these sores and irritation. Also, he has fleas ohno.gif and was scratching like crazy to get at that sweaty, moist, flea bitten skin. POOR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so bad for these kitties with this problem. Anyway, his skin was not so raw anymore, but he was still scratching obviously. He got a Depo shot (steroid) and we applied Revolution. He is already back home and released back out in my yard. I will have to keep a watch on him this summer as he could very well have a flea allergy. Although, the thing that prompted these sores was the hot weather and having a very thick, full, double coat and no time to shed out. I have no way of putting topical flea medication on Willow. He is a true feral cat and comes no where near me at all. It is hard to see them suffer and not be able to do anything for them other than trapping them (if they allow sigh.gif) and getting them to a vet. I would have no way to topically care for his sores/wounds. I just do the best I can for my feral cats and I have to accept that. I would try to get your cat to the vet - she needs steroids to get that under control and possibly an antibiotic. Are you able to pet her??? Because, if so, then you could easily treat her sore topically. Good luck. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Thank you so much everybody for the reply. Yes, she doesn't let us pet her now days. But anyway we will try to trap her to show to a vet. Just a little busy with work this month. I publishes the pictures here to see few opinions of people of what it can be. The example of Feralvr was very extensive, also Toronto has similar climate to Chicago.  Thanks again and if any other thoughts please let me know.



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Hi Alex,


I wonder if this could be eosinophilic granuloma complex (EGC)? Take a look at the photos and information at the Feline Advisory Board (FAB):


My Maine Coon, Maxie, has/had this inside his mouth, but it is controlled with a raw diet (you'd never know he has this since being on raw for 6 years). If he eats anything but a balanced raw diet, it comes back with a vengeance, which I found out a couple years ago when I was busy during tax season and fed no-grain canned food for a couple weeks. I'm not a tax preparer anymore, but poor bubby--bad mama!! Still feel the guilt.


HTH a bit,



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I Googled to find out what 'hot spots' are, and found that there can be many causes and hence probably several different treatments:


There are a number of possible causes, including insect bites (particularly fleas), mites, allergies, poor grooming, and ear infections.

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I have a stray cat that I took in with the same sore but it is under his neck I have to keep it covered because he licks it and makes it worse.too him to the vet and they didn't help him at all (i don't think they knew what they were doing.) they were so busy that I really don't know what it is . Been trying everything He is a happy cat but I feel so bad for him He love a shower on the sore must feel good. The sad thing is that I took him to the vet I thought knew what they were doing. Never will I go back to them. I could use some help on what to do. Thanks


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