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Anyone tried the new Vanilla Pepsi? - Page 2

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I love Vanilla Coke. I tried Vanilla Pepsi and like that even better.
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Ewww *grabs her 10-foot pole*

Can't stand anything artifically flavored vanilla. Makes me sick, literally.

I'll stick to my Dr. Pepper and RC Cola, thank you.
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The hell with vanilla pepsi! Yea, thats right, it doesnt even deserve to be capitalized! Vanilla Coke FOR LIFE!!!
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UH....what's up with all the hate I actually was about to post that I tried the Vanilla Pepsi and LOVED IT!!! So bah humbug to all you haters!!! LOL!!!! Heeeee! I actually like it better than Vanilla Coke, the coke one has a funny bad after taste. This one is clear and crisp and sweeter. Sherral, you may have a new fan of Pepsi, I was always a Coke fan but uh....it's been awhile for me to drink soda and I'm leaning more towards the Pepsi, although it's the Vanilla Pepsi!!! Sorry!!! Don't throw any eggs at me!!

of course I love the old fashion way with the syrup!!!! I haven't seen that around at all in ages!!
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Well, guess what? I just walked down to the vending machine and got a vanilla coke. Im drinking it right now. mmmmmmmmmmmm. So much better than copy-cat ass vanilla pepsi. Im thinkin about weather I should post this or not because its just a waste of time but I am cuz......vanilla pepsi sucks! Dont hate me because im beutiful..beuty...buet-a-full...crap. Little help?
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Someone spoke of old fashion syrups...

Want to try something really good?

Add chocolate syrup to Sprite. Trust me on this one.
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It's kind of silly to read how so many people get riled up about a dark brown liquid with bubbles in it. I rarely ever drink any carbonated beverages, but the first time I tried Vanilla Coke was in a Slurpee last winter. It was sooooo good like that! A few weeks ago I bought a Vanilla Coke in a bottle and it was okay, but I couldn't drink it all at one sitting. Last week I bought a Vanilla Pepsi on the way to my older sister's wedding and it was much tastier than the Coke. I bet it would taste even better in Slurpee form. That's really the way it should be served.

However, marketing is a battle of public perceptions, not products. Coke will probably do better than Pepsi because they did it first, (not counting any smaller companies). In the end it's most likely that both will lose money. Whenever you extend your line, you don't get more market share because you compete with yourself. You also run the risk of losing customer loyalty or damaging your public perception. Just read some of the replys in this thread. I've read about how large corporations operate and It's fascinating to learn about how they have broken the laws of marketing in the past only to repeat their mistakes again in the present.
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Who sed anybody was "riled up"? we're just killing time because we obviously have nothin else to do on a saturday night. Party pooper.
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Hahaha! Down with Coke, Down with Pepsi... ra ra ra!
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