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Anyone tried the new Vanilla Pepsi?

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I normally drink plain regular Coca Cola, but this new Vanilla Pepsi is so good. I usually hate Pepsi, I tried the vanilla coke and the vanilla pepsi tasted much better. My new favorite thing now.
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Yuck...I've tried both and didn't like them. I'll just stick to my Rootbeer!
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not yet, didn't care too much for the vanilla coke, has a weird aftertaste nor did I like the red mountaindew, tasted like flat cherry soda.
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Vanilla Pepsi is sacrilege. How dare they profane the sacred Pepsi!!!
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Sorry I will stick to my homemade chocolate cokes!
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Shell, yay, another Rootbeer fan here!

Nope, haven't tried either vanilla product yet.

Edit: Well, oddly enough, I just got back from a friend's tonight and guess what should be offered, but, Vanilla Pepsi! I say thumbs up, it tasted quite good.
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I guess I'm just strange, I will probably get sick of it soon and go back to Coke. Rootbeer is just way too sweet and syrupy for me, my daughters favorite is A&W though. We all have our favorites.
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I loved it. But I have a reeeeaaaly sweet tooth.

Homemade chocolate coke?
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Yep there is a little shack down the road where they sell homemade burgers and other food and chocolate cokes- yummy
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I haven't tried it yet, but I want to. I love vanilla coke, I've been drinking vanilla cokes since i was a kid. I used to go to the Sonic and get vanilla flavoring in the coke and it tastes so good. The vanilla coke in the can is pretty good, but not as good as the ones at Sonic. But I'd like to try the Pepsi to see if it's better than the Coke brand.
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Mmm chocolate coke...that is yummy. I remember a restaurant we used to go to when I was a kid, they made chocolate cokes by adding hershey's syrup to coke and stirring. It was delicious!!!
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EWWW! Chocolate Cokes? That's just too weird for me!
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No I have not nor will I !How dare they do that to my pepsi!
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awww, come on Sherral, you never know if you end up liking it? I've heard from others that it tastes better than Coke also. Hmmmmm...will have to go out and try it! Never been a pepsi fan but with vanilla maybe it'll turn my tastebuds around
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I have tried both Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Pepsi and I prefer Vanilla Pepsi best. MA homemade burgers and chocolate cokes sound scrumptious.
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I don't like vanilla!
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OH!!!!! sorry, figured everyone liked vanilla since it seems to be put in almost every sweet stuff! well that would make it a bummer then, I reckon you need to write them for being cheap and copying off Coca-Cola's idea
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What about the (new) Sprite Ice? Anyone like that? I tried it, and I find it tastes so much better than regular Sprite. Don't know if Pepsi has one for 7-up yet or not....but the little bit of mint in Sprite Ice is awesome!
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tried Vanilla Pepsi tonight-----standing in the YUCK Line!
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The only thing that should be added to Coke OR Pepsi is a bit of Jack Daniel's!
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I hated Vanilla Coke- Runied the beauty of coke.

Vanilla Pepsi is not avaliable in NZ yet but when it gets here I'll sure give it a go- Pepsi Blue was fowl!!!!!
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I was forced to try Vanilla pepsi and it wasn't THAT bad, not as strong as the coke, but being that I don't drink sugar it was TERRIBLE for me.. After not drinking a sugar product in over a year it was very sweet and I felt the need to brush my teeth immediately.. But bf really liked it
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I may have to try it out and see..I hate pepsi so that is why I haven't tried it yet....
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have any of you tried it yet??
I hate pepsi, so I probalby won't...I do love vanilla coke though...sooo,,anyone try it?
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here's a link vanilla pepsi I have a bottle sitting in my fridge.
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I even replied in that thread too and forgot...oh man...must be out of the loop today..
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I've tried both. My fave is Diet Vanilla Coke
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I'm with hissy. When I worked for Farrell's, we made flavored sodas by pumping in the syrup the old fashioned way.....cherry, vanilla, chocolate.

Last time I was at Long John Silver's, they had the set-up where you flavor it yourself.

Not being a soda drinker of any kind, I haven't tried either.
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I tried vanilla coke and didn't like it but maybe I'll try the vanilla pepsi!
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We don't have it here yet, but when I was Stateside in August, my nephews and I did a taste test: Vanilla Pepsi, Diet Vanilla Pepsi, Vanilla Coke, and Diet Vanilla Coke. All three of us liked Diet Vanilla Coke the best. Now I just have to find a place that sells it here. I've never been able to find root beer here, and only come across Dr. Pepper once in a blue moon.
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