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I had a dream

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a few days ago where I was choking on a big loogie (snot of some sort) and it couldn't go down nor could I spit it up. Finally after struggling for so long I noticed that I would die if I didn't wake up since I couldn't breathe during this struggle. So I asked God to wake me from this dream and finally I woke up with my heart rate barely beating. Last night, my son, was playing with a snack container with the plastic colorful wrapping. He bit off a piece and was choking on it. I could feel it in the back of his throat but he couldn't spit it up or swallow it and was wheezing and crying and freaking out. My JB was freaking out also, he was hissing and nipping my ankles and my husband's ankles. So we were way panicky, I tried to get some food in him so that he can puke it up all together, but he couldn't, he kept trying to cough it out of his throat. I called 911 and they sent the paramedics. They were very quick, but by the time I got off the phone with 911, my son was better and back to normal which meant he was able to swallow it finally. Anyway, he is fine and normal today I'll just wait for it to pass in his poop. But the freaky thing is that I had a dream. Sometimes dreams do come true but I wish it didn't happen to my son.
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That is freaky. I have dreams about plane crashes and they usually come true

I remember a few weeks before 911, I had a dream that I was driving on the freeway.. it was kind of dark with a light illuminating glow in the sky. There were planes above me. Specifically one that seemed to be nose diving toward the freeway.. and it was dropping bodies out of it onto the freeway. After 911 I remembered that I dreampt about something like it.. the bodies that were dropping out of the wtc seem to signify the bodies dropping onto the freeway in my dream.

About a month or 2 ago I had a dream that I was standing on a runway and a fed x plane nose dived right onto the runway, crashing into a hanger. A few weeks later I saw on the news that a passenger plane crashed into a hanger in North Carolina killing 21 people. http://edition.cnn.com/2003/US/South/01/08/plane.crash/

And sometimes its little things too. I had a dream that my brother was sitting outside the back door to his hospital room (he was in the hospital for 6 months from a motorcycle accident) and he asked me for a cigarette and we smoked. The door has a bar across it so you cant go out there, and my brother had quit smoking since the accident. But then a few weeks later he told me him and his roommate took the bar off the door to go out there to smoke cigarettes.

The night before my brother had his ruptured ulcers and was throwing up blood and he had to be taken for an emergency operation, I had a weird feeling.. and a weird dream. Nothing specific but enough to make me wake up in the middle of the night.

One time my mom called me and told me that the old man next to my brother that has been annoying the hell out of him and his roommate, died like 2 hours ago. I TOLD my brother, this guy is going to die.. look at him.. he doesnt eat, the nurses dont do anything for him.. he's going to die.

Not everyone may believe that we can predict things in our dreams or otherwise.. and I never used to believe it either.. but how can I not when things like this happen.
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Wow, that is way eerie. I also feel that way, about dreams or premonitions. I had dreamt that I was shot in the shoulder by a hispanic and a year later I almost did get shot by a hispanic man, he shot his ex-girlfriend three times and survived thankfully.
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I've had a few of those kind of dreams. They're so creepy, because then every time you have a scary dream you start to wonder if it meant something or not.

Also, when I was a little girl, my grandfather appeared to me in my room early one morning and told me that he loved me & not to worry, not to be sad. Then later that day we found out that he had died, and at right about the time he appeared to me. I've always thought that was wonderful - I wasn't sad at all during the funeral because I knew he was OK - he'd told me so himself.
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awww!! I like that one tuxedo!!! That would make it easy to accept!
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the plastic finally passed in his poop!!! whoppee!!!
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Whew! I'm glad he's OK!
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Maybe it was just a warning for you . I really don't know , sorry .
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Jellybelly, that experience with your son really sounds scary!!! Have you ever thought about asking a medical person to show you how to use the Heimlich Maneuver?

P.S. Here's a link to some information about it. http://www.heimlichinstitute.org/maneuver.html
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Jellybelly, contact your local Red Cross and take a class in CPR. They cover infant and child CPR and Heimlich maneuver.
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