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Scaredy Cat

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Three days ago our 11 year old K.C. started a strange behavior. every time Bette or I would goto pet him or pick him up he would cower, or run away with his tail between his legs. He spent much of the day hiding under tables or behind chairs, too. K.C. has always been a sweet and affectionate cat who is extremely sensitive and especially close to me. He always slept with me at night and frequently walked the perimeter of the bed during the night as though keeping watch. This new behavior took us much by surprise. We immediately thought he might be sick. We observed that he was eating with his usual enthusiasm, and was using the litter box as usual. The only other thing is that he is a very jealous cat, and always gets depressed when we bring a new kitty into the house. When we got Rocky we showered all our affection on our little waif. I am embarrassed to admit that our faithful six sat patiently in the wings waiting for their turn but we didn`t notice. After I felt confident that K.C. was not sick I started showering all kinds of affection on K.C. at first he rejected me...pretty much as he felt I had rejected him. Then there was that soft gentle familiar purr...ever so faint. Actually, it took all of three days to hear that wonderful purr loud and strong that is music to my ears. Bette and I have both vowed that each of our cats needs just as much attention as the baby kitty does. Bette and I love our cats very much and will do whatever we can to make them happy and healthy. We feel like really bad "kitty-moms", but I want to share this with others so they might not make the same mistake we did.
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Cats sure know how to let you know when they are unhappy! Thanks for sharing your hard-learned lesson.

P.S. I love your signature...I don't think I ever show up anywhere without a handful or two of cat hair on my clothing, in my mouth, or up my nose!
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My cat Chloe got to where she hated my boyfriend(whom I live with). We got our 2nd kitten and Scott, my fiance was more drawn to Romeo's(the kitten) sweet good-natured personality. Chloe has A LOT of pride and wants everything on her terms. Well Scott started showering Romeo with attn. so she started actually putting her tail b/n her legs aand running real low to the ground. She would not use the litterbox or eat until he went to bed. We eventually broke up and I moved my cats to my parents' house. Chloe actually helped me get thru the breakup, thinking "well Chloe's much happier now." We got back together and Scott confessed it hurt his feelings that Chloe was terrified of him. To someone who didn't know better, it looked like he abused her. But of course he didn't. I made him promise he would work with her. All of her fave things, I refused to participate in. Scott had to do it: take her outside on leash, feed her 1st thing in the morning, etc. It really didn't take long. So now for the last 5 or 6 mos. Scott and Chloe are the best of friends! You ought to haer the way he babytalks those cats and kisses them! You would never guess he used to be a "dog-person". Which is his nice way of saying he didn't like cats. Whatever!!
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