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new agressive behavior towards brother

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Please help I am new at this,
I have 2 Blue Siamese kittens brother and sister 51/2 months old. I have had them for about 3 weeks, and they have been absolutely inseperable, they call each other constantly when apart. They are both timid (not very comfortable around people...me a little)but are starting to warm up, and are very sweet, mellow and loving especially Bella.Today I took Bella and Max to get their 1st set of shots and have Max nutered, Bella is not spayed yet. He was seperated from her from 8:30am this morning until about 4:00pm. I brought her home and she cried and looked for him for hours until she fell asleep. When I brought him home I expected a loving reunion but what I found was horrible. She hisses and growls and attacks him every time he tries to come near her. She also will follow him around and hiss. She wont let him eat or use the litter box in peace.I got tired of tring to seperate them, and am worried that she will hurt him-so I seperated them but now she is banging against the door(violently) and hissing. Meanwhile Max is laying on the other side of the door cooing her.
Do you think she had a reaction to the medicine... or is she really upset(MAD) that he left her for so long?
Has anyone seen this type of behavior?It is a complete personality change.
Help me Monica...
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This is a normal reaction. He came home and smells really different. Cats dont usually go on sight to recognise each other. They go on smell, so to her he is an outsider. She still smells the same. I would keep them seperated for another few days and let her sniff from under the door. It will pass and they will play again.
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Yeah, the same thing happened when we got our male neutered. It got better with time. I thought it was the smell of the vet's office . Sandie's explanation sounds very good to me. Give it time and don't shout at them when she shows hostility.

They sound so cute - I'd love to see pictures if you have any digital copies!
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Thank you both for your replys... Today I spent alot of time with Bella in the restroom(her confinement area) and she was a loving and mellow as normal, she stopped hissing and crying for the most part of the day. Max is no longer sitting at the door. In the middle of the day I put her in the carrier so I could take a shower and clean the bathroom, and set her out in the livingroom so the two can get reaquainted in a controlled enviroment. There was no hissing by Bella but no curiosity by Max...he sniffed a little but not much. When I put her back in the restroom she started crying again.
I have an appointment to have her spayed on Tuesday morning and she will be gone overnight. Do you think I should keep the appointment considering the circumstances?
I will take your advice and keep them apart for a while especially until Max feels a little bit better.
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Well, I don't know if I would put the spay off. It will have to happen eventually. It takes longer for the female to heal anyway. When she comes home the next day, I would put her in the carrier so that max can see her. Then Let them re unite on their own terms. If you have to, you can take turns putting each other in the bathroom. This way, every time they come out and the other goes in, they have left their scent. All will be right again I promise. HEHE, funny story..every time my 23 lb cat comes back from the groomers (long story but he has to be shaved every summer)all the cats hiss at him and it almost seems they are making fun of his haircut. They all remember him once his smell comes back.
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Yeah, I would go with the spaying as planned. Might as well get both procedures over with and then let them both settle into the old routine.
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FYI on the twins...
After a couple of days of being seperated the two ended up crying for each other on opposite ends of the door...so I let Bella out and all was well in the world. So the next day I took Bella in to be spayed(as planned)and when I brought her home yesterday I kept them apart for about half of the day just to see if the same problem would reoccur with Max, but it didn't.
They are getting along just as before...only Bella is sore and not as playful, and Max looks as though he has recovered quite quickly and wants to catch up on lost playtime.
Should I be doing anything special to Bellas stitches i.e. cleaning or let her take care of her self?
Thanks for all the good advice...
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