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pregnant cat, lost mucous plug?!

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Hello, my pregnant cat has had discharge for a few days now ( a pink tinged color) but this morning we noticed she was sitting on the bed and her discharge is now more clear, and there was what looks to be her mucous plug. although im not quite sure, my vet is on vacation til tuesday so once again my anxiety is killing me. her boobs are still sagging and cleaning her girl parts like mad..someone helppp :(

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what do you need help with you didnt really say but by looks of things maybe soon she will have them you dont have to worry she should be fine going through the birth her self but if its her first time put her in a room where she has her own litter box , nesting box food and water and just keep checking on her from my experience cats like to have their babies at night when everyone is asleep and the house is quite but if she looks like she been pushing for over and hour and she is in distress take her to emergency vets but i think she will be fine they usually know what to do as its there instinct 

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i just noticed the whole thing didnt postt haha. but i was just curious as to what i should be looking for? does anyone know what a cats mucous plug will look like? this has been going on and on for about 2 weeks now and im just impatient haha. her vulva was a bright pink the other day, today not so much but shes still licking alot.

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my cat is the same do you know when she is due and usually is clear stringy maybe sometimes with abit of brown or pink tinge abit like when we have it before we go in labour , but we can have it on and of for 2 to 3 weeks before giving birth aswell also i say dont bother bout the constant licking i dont think thats a sign my cat does that anyway 24/7 lol is the hair around her nipples faded yet and even if she was in first stages of labour you wudnt know as you cant see it its the second stage which you can is her acting different sleeping more or crying aswell , my cat yesturday , her stomach did 6 big squeezes deffo werent the kittens when its the kittens it looks like waves these were jolts but still no kittens yet lol

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