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Arnold's past...Does it matter?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger (sorry I'm sure I butchered the spelling) did an interview with an, ahem, adult magazine in 1977 at the height of his body building days. He told them in very frank terms that he had smoked pot, participated in orgies, and basically could have sex with any woman he wanted. Of course, running CA Governor, all this came out. What he has said when asked about the article was that it was a long time ago, and that he doesn't remember doing the interview with that particular magazine.

I heard a radio jock last night talking about this. He acted like it was a huge deal and that Arnold should, at the very least, say that he is ashamed of this part of his past.

(Personal thoughts here

Why should he? It WAS almost 30 years ago. If he had been running 15 years ago it probably would have mattered. Didn't Bill Clinton prove that polititians no longer need to be moral? Come on, Bill had recent (and even during his Presidency) sexual harassment charges. No one seemed to care about that. He was a notorious womanizer, which we knew BEFORE he was elected. Why does it matter that when Arnold was young, before he was married, he took advantage of the situation he was in? Why should he apologize for it? I did some not-so-great things in my past, when I was young and single. I may not be proud of everything I did, but I'm not ashamed of my past.

Your thoughts?
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I work with a lot of people in high level, responsible jobs (VP's of major corporations) that have shady pasts. It doesn't prevent them from doing their jobs effectively now. The generation in power came from the 60's - what do we expect? The media is always looking for a way to scandalize public figures, and I don't believe most of what I read or hear.

I think people did care what Bill Clinton did, although it was extremely hyped up and exaggerated. Most of the scandels were unfounded, but the media didn't publicize that fact. The only person that should judge Bill is his wife Hillary, and she forgives him for whatever he did. Her autobiography is very telling and recommend it to all.
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That was 26 years ago! Good grief!

Show me someone who hasn't done one stupid thing in the past, and I'll show you someone who hasn't had the experience of learning from his or her mistakes!

IMO, a person's sexual proclivities (especially from a quarter-century ago!) really don't have much bearing on his or her fitness for public office, unless it's an ongoing thing and could interfere with security, job performance, or health.
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The only thing that matters is what Arnie will do with his power if elected and what issues he will address.

People have to get their priorites straight. Do you want to focus on a statement or actions of the past? Or do you want him to be accountable for the here and now?

Everyone has some sort of skeleton in their closet. It just depends if someone will snoop around and expose it!
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That WAS the 70's you know. I am sure almost everyone then did a lot of things. We all have pasts, they make who we are now. Why should we care what Arnie did then, when the most important thing is the present.
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Good God no!Heck i smoked pot in the 70.(stupid me)
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We all have a past. When you run for public office your life is put under a microscope, who has not said or done things that could come back to haunt us.
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Who DIDN'T do some stupid things, when we were young and invincible? Its a wonder that I survived some of the things that I did.

Oh, yeah - I inhaled!
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I think it's a shame that the media will stop at nothing to pull skeletons out of a person's closet. Were we all not young once? I bet in those days young Arnold was just excited to have a big magazine interview him.

As far as I see, the man has an enduring marriage and hasn't been connected with any of the usual tabloid-type stuff as other Hollywood types. If they had to dig back as far as the 70s to turn up dirt on him, that says a lot to me.

If I ever ran for the School Board as an educator, will it come out that I used to cut gym class in the 12th grade? Oh, the horror and shame of it!
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Oh Deb, you are terrible!
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Deb, you wicked, wicked woman! You're certainly not fit for public office.
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Personally, if I lived in California, I'd vote for Larry Flynt.
I've had a soft spot in my heart for him during the Clinton impeachment fiasco after he basically outed two
of the Republican hypocrites who also were guilty of marital 'infidelities' while in office, Henry Hyde and the guy who they had just elected as speaker of the house, who then stepped aside. (The fact that he bested Jerry Falwell in the US Supreme Court was kind of nice too.)

So, I guess Arnold's past doesn't bother me, beyond whether his brain is fried from steroids, which doesn't seem to be the case.
There does seem to be some chatter that his sexual escapades continued long after his body-building days, but who cares.
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I think that a politician should be judged on those aspects of his life related to politics and that have a DIRECT bearing on his ability to perform his job. While i do think this makes it difficult for Arnie to be a role model for children now that it has come out in public... I don't think he should be condemned for it either.

It's a pity that the press makes it so difficult for public personalities to have a private life.
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The past is past....and usually not even true, and if it did happen in the past, heck, look what happened with true scandal going on in the white house while in office! If Arnold is capable of doing a good job, then who cares about his past, as long as he isn`t a murderer, etc.
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Good God no!Heck i smoked pot in the 70.(stupid me)

You must have smoked some shwaggy ass weed!
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